Here are some of the new materials from James River Valley Library System at Alfred Dickey Public Library:


Andrews, Donna, /Owl be home for Christmas

Cameron, W. Bruce, /A dog's promise

Chiaverini, Jennifer, /The Christmas boutique

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Clinch, Jon, /Marley

Colgan, Jenny, /Christmas at Rosie Hopkins' sweetshop : a novel

Connelly, Michael, /The night fire

Connolly, John, /A book of bones

Crombie, Deborah, /A bitter feast

DeMille, Nelson, /The deserter

Edwards, Martin, /Gallows Court

Gates, Eva, /Read and buried

Grisham, John, /The guardians

Kinsella, Sophie, /Christmas shopaholic

Le Carré, John, /Agent running in the field

Macomber, Debbie, /A Mrs. Miracle Christmas

McCall Smith, Alexander, /To the land of long lost friends

McPherson, Catriona, /Strangers at the gate

Monroe, Mary, /Right beside you

Putney, Mary Jo, /Once a spy

Rosenfelt, David, /Dachshund through the snow

Strout, Elizabeth, /Olive, again

Todd, Charles, /A cruel deception

White, Karen /The Christmas spirits on Tradd street

Wingate, Marty, /The bodies in the library

Woods, Stuart, /Stealth


Smith, James K. A., /On the road with Saint Augustine : a real-world spirituality for restless hearts

Garcia, Amanda Yates, /Initiated : memoir of a witch

Bell, Richard, /Stolen : five free boys kidnapped into slavery and their astonishing odyssey home

Payne, Kim John, /Being at your best when your kids are at their worst : practical compassion in parenting

Goodrich, Luke W., /Free to believe : the battle over religious liberty in America

Farrow, Ronan, /Catch and kill : lies, spies, and a conspiracy to protect predators

Frazier, Liz, /Beyond piggy banks and lemonade stands : how to teach young kids about finance (and they're never too young)

Chertoff, Michael, /Exploding data : reclaiming our cyber security in the digital age

Morgan, Mannette, /Finding your voice : a path to healing for survivors of abuse

Stewart, James B., /Deep state : Trump, the FBI, and the rule of law

Betz-Hamilton, Axton, /The less people know about us : a mystery of betrayal, family secrets, and stolen identity

Campbell, Sharon S. /Medicare sign-up : a personal guide, get the best healthcare for the rest of your life /

Grineski, Steve, /"We were pretty darn good" : a history of rural education in America

Kerven, Rosalind, /Arthurian legends : retold from medieval texts with extended notes

Dewey, Kenneth F. /Great Plains weather

Dickas, Albert Binkley, /101 American fossil sites you've gotta see

Tekiela, Stan, /Wildflowers : nature's stunning beauty in full bloom

Zickefoose, Julie, /Saving Jemima : life and love with a hard-luck jay

Bryson, Bill, /The body : a guide for occupants

Stern, Erin, /Train like a bodybuilder : get lean. get big. get strong

Bowes, Annie, /Dogs & autism

Pyle, Rod, /First on the Moon : the Apollo 11 50th anniversary experience

McDougall, Christopher, /Running with Sherman : the donkey with the heart of a hero

Schlimm, John, /Extraordinary dogs : stories from search and rescue dogs, comfort dogs, and other canine heroes

Hagen, Mark. /Taste of home copycat recipes

Hartwig, Melissa, /The Whole30 friends & family : 150 recipes for every social occasion

Drummond, Ree, /The pioneer woman cooks : the new frontier : 112 fantastic favorites for everyday eating

Rutland, Julia Dowling. /Squash : 50 tried & true recipes

Saltz, Joanna, /Delish insane sweets : bake yourself a little crazy

Stewart, Martha, /Martha Stewart's cookie perfection : 100+ recipes to take your sweet treats to the next level

Redlin, Terry. /The art of Terry Redlin : opening windows to the wild.

Schwabsky, Barry, /Landscape painting now : from pop abstraction to new romanticism

True grit : American prints from 1900 to 1950

Kane, John /Pilgrims of Woodstock : never-before-seen photos

George-Warren, Holly, /Janis : her life and music

Harry, Debbie, /Face it

John, Elton, /Me

Hafdahl, Meg, /The science of monsters : the truth about zombies, witches, werewolves, vampires, and other legendary creatures

Tuttle, Shea, /Exactly as you are : the life and faith of Mister Rogers

Posnanski, Joe, /The life and afterlife of Harry Houdini

Rose, Derrick, /I'll show you

De Vise, Daniel. /The comeback : Greg Lemond, the true king of american cycling, and a legendary tour de France.

Baier, Bret, /Three days at the brink : FDR's daring gamble to win World War II

Finn, Peter, /A guest of the Reich : the story of American heiress Gertrude Legendre and her dramatic captivity and daring escape from Nazi Germany

Lichtblau, Eric, /Return to the Reich : a Holocaust refugee's secret mission to defeat the Nazis

Nannini, Marcus A., /Left for dead at Nijmegen : the true story of an American paratrooper in WWII

Beidler, James M. /The Family Tree historical atlas of Germany

Orth, Stephan, /Behind Putin's curtain : friendships and misadventures inside Russia

Carpenter, Kyle, /You are worth it : building a life worth fighting for

Davis, William C., /The greatest fury : the battles for New Orleans and the rebirth of America

Anderson, Gary Clayton, /Massacre in Minnesota : the Dakota War of 1862, the most violent ethnic conflict in American history

Hedren, Paul L., /Powder River: disastrous opening of the Great Sioux War

Ash, Stephen V., /Rebel Richmond : life and death in the Confederate capital

Bad Hand, /Plains Indians : regalia and customs

/The frontier Army : episodes from Dakota and the West

Travis, Lauri, /Arrowheads, spears, and buffalo jumps : prehistoric hunter-gatherers of the Great Plains

Gibson, Catherine Rademacher, /Glorious Fourth of July and other stories from the plains


Judy (CD)

Coltrane, John, /Blue world (CD)

Crow, Sheryl, /Threads (CD)

Menzel, Idina /Christmas : (CD) : a season of love


Steel, Danielle, /Child's play (CD)

Todd, Charles, /A cruel deception (CD)


Blue Collar Comedy Tour rides again (DVD)

Larry the Cable Guy : Git-r-done (DVD)

Them idiots : (DVD) : whirled tour

Annabelle comes home (DVD)

Child's play (DVD)

Delta farce (DVD)

Red Joan (DVD)

Round of your life (DVD)

Stuber (DVD)


Maraniss, David, /A good American family : the Red Scare and my father

Callahan, Maureen /American predator : the hunt for the most meticulous serial killer of the 21st century

Guisewite, Cathy, /Fifty things that aren't my fault : essays from the grown-up years

Andrews, Donna, /Owl be home for Christmas

Brody, Frances, /Death at the seaside

Chiaverini, Jennifer, /The Christmas boutique

Cleland, Jane K., /Antique blues

Cornwell, Patricia Daniels, /Quantum

Johnson, Craig, /Land of wolves

Johnstone, William W., /Have brides, will travel

Leslie, Frank, /Apache Springs

Mason, Timothy, /The Darwin affair

McElwain, Julie, /Betrayal in time

Miller, Rod. /Father unto many sons /

Neggers, Carla, /Stone bridges

Patterson, James, /The 19th Christmas

Quinn, Spencer, /Heart of barkness

Robotham, Michael, /Good girl bad girl

Van Lustbader, Eric, /The sum of all shadows

Yttrup, Ginny L., /Convergence


Aalborg, Gordon, /River of Porcupines

Barenbaum, Rachel, /A bend in the stars

Gear, W. Michael, /Flight of the hawk.

Gelman, Laurie, /You've been volunteered

Gohlke, Cathy, /The medallion

Hunt, Angela Elwell, /King's shadow : a novel of king herod's court

Johnson, Tara, /Where dandelions bloom

Lowe, T. I. /Lulu's Café

March, Emily, /Jackson

Mason, Susan Anne, /The highest of hopes

Mayo, Matthew P., /The Outfit: outlawed!

Morgan, Sarah, /The Christmas sisters

Pethick, Sue, /Alaskan catch

Putney, Mary Jo, /Once a spy

Roberts, Sheila, /Winter at the beach

Salazar, Noelle, /The flight girls

Sherman, Jory, /Blood sky at morning

Sundin, Sarah, /The sky above us

Waxman, Abbi, /The bookish life of Nina Hill

Weston, Julie W., /Moonscape