Here are some of the new materials this week from James River Valley Library System. At Alfred Dickey Library:


Ahern, Cecelia, /Postscript

Allende, Isabel, /A long petal of the sea : a novel

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Anderson, Catherine /Huckleberry Lake

Anstruther, Eleanor, /A perfect explanation

Armstrong, Kelley, /Alone in the wild : a Rockton novel

Bailey, Tessa, /Love her or lose her

Bowen, Rhys, /Above the bay of angels

Broday, Linda, /The mail order bride's secret

Burdick, Serena, /The girls with no names

Cummins, Jeanine, /American dirt

Dailey, Janet, /Hart's Hollow Farm

Daniels, B. J., /Restless hearts

Deveraux, Jude, /Met her match

Dugoni, Robert, /A cold trail

Eason, Lynette, /Collateral damage

Elden, Roxanna, /Adequate yearly progress

Enoch, Suzanne, /Scot under the covers

Feather, Jane, /Seduce me with sapphires

Feather, Jane, /Tempt me with diamonds

Finch, Charles /The last passenger

Finder, Joseph, /House on fire

Fisher, Suzanne Woods, /Two steps forward

Fisher, Tarryn, /The wives

Fluke, Joanne, /Coconut layer cake murder : a Hannah Swenson mystery with recipes

Freeman, Brian, /Thief River Falls

Gardiner, Meg, /The dark corners of the night

Gardner, Lisa, /When you see me

Gates, Eva, /Something read something dead : a lighthouse library mystery.

Gleason, Colleen, /Murder at the Capitol

Goodkind, Terry, /Heart of black ice

Graham, Heather, /The seekers

Green, Jocelyn, /Veiled in smoke

Griffiths, Elly, /The lantern men

Hannah, Sophie, /Perfect little children

Hauck, Rachel, /The Fifth Avenue story society

Heller, Peter, /The river

Hess, Annette, /The German House

Hoang, Helen, /The bride test

Hoang, Helen, /The kiss quotient

Hunt, Greg, /Backtrail

Hurwitz, Gregg Andrew, /Into the fire

Jackson, Lisa, /Running scared

James, Miranda, /Careless whiskers

Jiles, Paulette, /Enemy women

Jiles, Paulette, /News of the world

Johnstone, William W., /Bloody trail of the mountain man

Johnstone, William W., /Hired guns

Johnstone, William W., /Preacher's frenzy

Kellerman, Jonathan, /The museum of desire

Kelly, Julia, /The whispers of war

Kleypas, Lisa, /Chasing Cassandra

Kubica, Mary, /The other Mrs.

Leigh, Eva, /My fake rake

Lindsey, Johanna, /Temptation's darling

Mallery, Susan, /Sisters by choice

Mattano, Len, /Celtic crossing

McPherson, Catriona, /Scot & soda

Miller, Linda Lael, /Country strong

Moore, Graham, /The holdout

Moore, Liz, /Long bright river

Mosse, Kate, /The burning chambers

Moulton, Rachel Eve, /Tinfoil butterfly

Napolitano, Ann, /Dear Edward

Nix, Susannah, /Advanced physical chemistry

Nix, Susannah, /Applied electromagnetism : a romantic comedy

Nix, Susannah, /Intermediate thermodynamics : a romantic comedy

Nix, Susannah, /Remedial rocket science : a romantic comedy

O'Brien, Edna, /Girl

Perry, Thomas, /A small town

Preston, Douglas J., /Crooked river

Rice, Luanne, /Last day

Riley, Lucinda. /The sun sister : Electra's story

Robb, J. D., /Golden in death

Roberts, Nora, /Unfinished business

Rossiter, Nan Parson, /Promises of the heart

Sala, Sharon, /The way back to you

Sands, Lynsay, /Hunting for a Highlander

Shalvis, Jill, /Almost just friends

Shupe, Joanna, /The prince of Broadway

Slaughter, Karin, /Cleaning the gold : a Jack Reacher and Will Trent short story

Smith, J. P., /If she were dead

Spindler, Erica, /The look-alike

Todd, Charles, /A divided loyalty

Ward, J. R., /Blood truth

Ward, J. R., /Where winter finds you : a Caldwell Christmas

Warren, Susan May, /The way of the brave

White, Christian, /The wife and the widow

White, Randy Wayne, /Salt River

Williams, Beatriz, /All the ways we said goodbye : a novel of the Ritz Paris

Wiseman, Beth, /Hearts in harmony

Woods, Sherryl, /Winter's proposal

Yrsa Sigurðardóttir, /The absolution


Kelly, Lynne, /Memory craft : improve your memory with the most powerful methods in history

VanLoon, Preston, /The path to forgiveness : moving forward with hope and healing one day at a time

Soukup, Ruth, /Do it scared : finding the courage to face your fears, overcome adversity, and create a life you love

Winfrey, Oprah, /The path made clear : discovering your life's direction and purpose

Shapiro, Shauna L., /Good morning, I love you : mindfulness + self-compassion practices to rewire your brain for calm, clarity + joy

Limbaugh, David, /Jesus is risen : Paul and the early church

Rugirango, Ubald. /Forgiveness makes you free : a dramatic story of healing and reconciliation from the heart of Rwanda

Giglio, Louie, /Not forsaken : finding freedom as sons & daughters of a perfect Father

Lucado, Max, /Jesus : the God who knows your name

Thompson, Anthony B., /Called to forgive : the Charleston church shooting, a victim's husband, and the path to healing and peace

Lotz, Anne Graham, /The Daniel prayer : prayer that moves heaven and changes nations

Allen, Jennie, /Get out of your head : stopping the spiral of toxic thoughts

Meyer, Joyce, /Battlefield of the mind : winning the battle in your mind

Moore, Beth, /Chasing vines : finding your way to an immensely fruitful life

Oshman, Jen, /Enough about me : finding lasting joy in the age of self

Eldredge, John, /Get your life back : everyday practices for a world gone mad

Pyle, Nate, /More than you can handle : when life's overwhelming pain meets God's overcoming grace

Wolf, Katherine /Suffer strong : how to survive anything by redefining everything

O'Boyle, Donna-Marie Cooper, /Feeding your family's soul : dinner table spirituality

Aquilina, Mike, /Work, play, love : how the Mass changed the life of the first Christians

Ghezzi, Bert, /Saints at heart : how fault-filled, problem-prone, imperfect people like us can be holy

Scorah, Amber, /Leaving the witness : exiting a religion and finding a life

Virji, Ayaz, /Love thy neighbor : a Muslim doctor's struggle for home in rural America

Kilgariff, Karen, /Stay sexy & don't get murdered : the definitive how-to guide

/Marketing with social media : a LITA guide

Frank, Robert H., /Under the influence : putting peer pressure to work

Klein, Ezra, /Why we're polarized

Chapman, Gary D., /Building love together in blended families : the 5 love languages and becoming stepfamily smart

Clinton, Hillary Rodham, /The book of gutsy women : favorite stories of courage and resilience

Jenkinson, Clay. /Becoming Jefferson's people : re-inventing the American republic in the twenty-first century

Schweizer, Peter, /Profiles in corruption : abuse of power by America's progressive elite

Withers, Ernest C., /Revolution in black and white : photographs of the Civil Rights Era by Ernest C. Withers

Michel, Arthur Holland, /Eyes in the sky : the secret rise of Gorgon Stare and how it will watch us all

Alberta, Tim, /American carnage : on the front lines of the Republican civil war and the rise of President Trump

Lansing, Michael, /Insurgent democracy : the Nonpartisan League in North American politics

Enss, Chris, /No place for a woman : the struggle for suffrage in the wild West

Cullen, Melanie, /Get it together : organize your records so your family won't have to

James, Laura /The beauty defense : femmes fatales on trial

Abrams, Dan, /Theodore Roosevelt for the defense : the courtroom battle to save his legacy

Reynolds, Chanel, /What matters most : the Get Your Shit Together guide to wills, money, insurance, and life's "what-ifs"

Hemingway, Mollie Ziegler, /Justice on trial : the Kavanaugh confirmation and the future of the Supreme Court

Magnet, Myron, /Clarence Thomas and the lost constitution

Pedersen, Dan, /Topgun : an American story

McRaven, William H. /Sea stories : my life in special operations

Hill, Kevin P., /Marijuana : the unbiased truth about the world's most popular weed

Snyder, Rachel Louise, /No visible bruises : what we don't know about domestic violence can kill us

Dawson, Kate Winkler, /American Sherlock : murder, forensics, and the birth of American CSI

McCabe, Andrew /The threat : how the FBI protects America in the age of terror and Trump

Oliver, Willard M., /The birth of the FBI : Teddy Roosevelt, the Secret Service, and the fight over America's premier law enforcement agency

Callahan, Maureen /American predator : the hunt for the most meticulous serial killer of the 21st century

Hawes, Jennifer /Grace will lead us home : the Charleston Church Massacre and the hard, inspiring journey to forgiveness

Mitchell, Jerry, /Race against time : a reporter reopens the unsolved murder cases of the civil rights era

Bommersbach, Jana. /A stolen life : the Debra Milke story /

Zgustova, Monika, /Dressed for a dance in the snow : women's voices from the Gulag

Wilson, Chris, /The master plan : my journey from life in prison to a life of purpose

Meier, Myka, /Modern etiquette made easy : a five-step method to mastering etiquette

Turk, Victoria, /Kill reply all

Horobin, Simon, /Bagels bumf & buses : a day in the life of the English language

/Roget A to Z

Parker, Matt /Humble pi : when math goes wrong in the real world

Tyson, Neil deGrasse, /Letters from an astrophysicist

Smith, Richard, /The world beneath : the life and times of unknown sea creatures and coral reefs

Kjærgaard, Rikke Schmidt, /The blink of an eye : a memoir of dying--and learning how to live again

Ruxton, Graeme D., /Nature's giants : the biology and evolution of the world's largest lifeforms

Ellis, Barbara W., /Attracting birds and butterflies : how to plant a backyard habitat to attract winged wildlife

Waal, F. B. M. de /Mama's last hug : animal emotions and what they tell us about ourselves

Ashton, Jennifer, /The self-care solution : a year of becoming happier, healthier, and fitter--one month at a time

Snyder, Kimberly, /Recipes for your perfectly imperfect life : everyday ways to live and eat for health, healing, and happiness

Napier, Chris, /Science of running : analyze your technique, prevent injury, revolutionize your training

William, Anthony, /Medical Medium celery juice : the most powerful medicine of our time healing millions worldwide

Hall, Julie L. /The narcissist in your life : recognizing the patterns and learning to break free

Wagner, Kim. /Saying goodbye to the girls : a light look at the dark side of cancer

Anderson, Greg, /Breast cancer : 50 essential things you can do

Bernier, Raphael /What science tells us about autism spectrum disorder : making the right choices for your child

Hotline antique tractor guide : vol. XIX, 2020

Ganahl, Pat. /Custom painting

Pyle, Rod, /Space 2.0 : how private spaceflight, a resurgent NASA, and international partners are creating a new space age

Fishman, Charles, /One giant leap : the impossible mission that flew us to the Moon

Ehringer, Gavin. /Truckin' & trailerin' : A guide to selecting, hauling and maintaining a tow vehicle and horse trailer.

Kilpatrick, Julie C. /The plant listener /

Thompson-Adolf, Julie, /Starting & saving seeds : grow the perfect vegetables, fruits, herbs and flowers for your garden

Polk, Michelle, /Healing houseplants : how to keep plants indoors for clean air, healthier skin, improved focus, and a happier life!

Stearns, Jen, /The inspired houseplant : transform your home with indoor plants from kokedama to terrariums to water gardens to edibles

Schott, Philipp, /The accidental veterinarian : tales from a pet practice

Charleson, Susannah, /Where the lost dogs go : a story of love, search, and the power of reunion

Taste of Home grandma's favorites

Rush, Simon, /The ultimate instant pot cookbook : foolproof, quick & easy 800 instant pot recipes for beginners and advanced users

/Cooking Light : 400 calorie recipes

Lee, Jennifer Tyler, /Half the sugar, all the love : a family cookbook : 100 easy, low-sugar recipes for every meal of the day

Ryan, Suzanne /Beyond simply keto : shifting your mindset & realizing your worth

Mediterranean Instant Pot : easy, inspired meals for eating well.

Cooking light : slow cooker recipes

Fry, Ford, /Tex-Mex : traditions, innovations, and comfort foods from both sides of the border

Dooley, Beth, /Sweet nature : a cook's guide to using honey and maple syrup

Olstein, Judi /Juicing!

Heatter, Maida, /Happiness is baking : cakes, pies, tarts, muffins, brownies, cookies : favorite desserts from the queen of cake

Rucker, Nicole, /Dappled : baking recipes for fruit lovers

Council, Mimi, /Cookies for everyone : 99 deliciously customizable bakeshop recipes

/Cooking light : smoothies & snacks

Kondo, Marie, /The life-changing magic of tidying up : the Japanese art of decluttering and organizing

Stewart, Martha, /Martha Stewart's organizing : the manual for bringing order to your life, home & routines

Natterson, Cara Familian, /Decoding boys : new science behind the subtle art of raising sons

Chapman, Gary D., /Sharing love abundantly in special needs families : the 5 love languages for parents raising children with disabilities

Jenkins-Scott, Jackie, /The 7 secrets of responsive leadership : drive change, manage transitions, and help any organization turn around

Sinek, Simon, /The infinite game

Willink, Jocko, /Leadership strategy and tactics : field manual

/Oscar Howe

Buskirk, Amy. /Russell

Candolini, G. /Places of light : the gift of cathedrals to the world

Reinert, Rachel, /In bloom : a step-by-step guide to drawing lush florals

Benzakein, Erin, /Floret Farm's a year in flowers : designing gorgeous arrangements for every season

Gray, Tanis, /Knitting magic : the official Harry Potter knitting pattern book

/Country Living tiny homes : living big in small spaces

Kiely, Robert, /Fair Jesus : the Gospels according to Italian painters 1300-1650

/The most requested pop/folk songs.

Newton-John, Olivia, /Don't stop believin'

Porter, Cole /The music of Cole Porter : arranged by Dan Fox.

Bogle, Donald, /Hollywood black : the stars, the films, the filmmakers

Matzen, Robert D., /Dutch girl : Audrey Hepburn and World War II

Adair, Ian /100 magic tricks

Odom, Lamar, /Darkness to light : a memoir

Maaddi, Rob, /Birds of pray : the story of the Philadelphia Eagles' faith, brotherhood, and Super Bowl victory

Parker, Cathy, /Northern lights : one woman, two teams, and the football field that changed their lives

Ripken, Cal, /Just show up : and other enduring values from baseball's Iron Man

Turbow, Jason, /They bled blue : the 1981 Los Angeles Dodgers : Fernandomania, strike-season mayhem, and the weirdest championship baseball had ever seen

Wright, Dave, /162-0 : imagine a season in which the Twins never lose

Draper, Deborah Riley, /Olympic pride, American prejudice : the untold story of 18 African Americans who defied Jim Crow and Adolf Hitler to compete in the 1936 Berlin Olympics

Synnott, Mark, /The impossible climb : Alex Honnold, El Capitan, and the climbing life

Eruzione, Mike, /The making of a miracle : the untold story of the captain of the 1980 gold medal-winning US Olympic hockey team

Maum, Courtney, /Before and after the book deal : a writer's guide to finishing, publishing, promoting and surviving your first book

Dickinson, Emily, /Hope is the thing with feathers : the complete poems of Emily Dickinson

Holmes, Samantha King, /We hope this reaches you in time

Seiple, Samantha, /Louisa on the front lines : Louisa May Alcott in the Civil War

Poe, Harry Lee, /Becoming C. S. Lewis : a biography of young Jack Lewis (1898-1918)

Guthrie, Stan, /Victorious : Corrie ten Boom and The hiding place

Kardos, Klára, /The Auschwitz journal : a Catholic story from the camps

Marwell, David George, /Mengele : unmasking the "Angel of Death"

Moorehead, Caroline, /A house in the mountains : the women who liberated Italy from fascism

Rosenberg, Justus, /The art of resistance : my four years in the French underground : a memoir

Cahan, Richard, /Aftershock : the human toll of war : haunting World War II images by America's soldier photographers

McKay, Sinclair, /The fire and the darkness : the bombing of Dresden, 1945

Meder, Patricia Chapman, /The true story of Catch-22 : the real men and missions of Joseph Heller's 340th Bomb Group in World War II

Smith, Rex Alan, /Pacific legacy : image and memory from World War II in the Pacific

Spencer, Robert, /The Palestinian delusion : the catastrophic history of the Middle East peace process

Caputo, Philip, /A rumor of war

Lee, Heath Hardage, /The League of Wives : the untold story of the women who took on the U.S. Government to bring their husbands home

Fehrman, Craig, /Author in chief : the untold story of our presidents and the books they wrote

Zabin, Serena R., /The Boston Massacre : a family history

Horn, Jonathan, /Washington's end : the final years and forgotten struggle

O'Dowd, Niall, /Lincoln and the Irish : the untold story of how the Irish helped Abraham Lincoln save the Union

Risen, Clay, /The crowded hour : Theodore Roosevelt, the Rough Riders, and the dawn of the American century

Theodore Roosevelt, naturalist in the arena

Page, Susan, /The matriarch : Barbara Bush and the making of an American dynasty

Baker, Peter, /Obama : the call of history

Nance, Malcolm W., /The plot to betray America : how team Trump embraced our enemies, compromised our security, and how we can fix it

Rucker, Philip, /A very stable genius : Donald J. Trump's testing of America

Wolff, Michael, /Siege : Trump under fire


Los Tigres Del Norte. /Los Tigres del Norte at Folsom Prison

Foster, David, /An intimate evening

Styles, Harry, /Fine line

The Lacs. /Kickin' up mud : : the hits

Little Big Town (Musical group), /Nightfall

Shelton, Blake. /Fully loaded : God's country

Ellis, Tinsley. /Ice cream in hell

Southern Avenue (Musical group), /Keep on

Odom, Leslie, /Mr

Coldplay (Musical group), /Everyday life

Weezer (Musical group), /Weezer : : (black)

Gheorghiu, Angela. /Plaisir d'amour


Eruzione, Mike, /The making of a miracle : : the untold story of the captain of the 1980 gold medal-winning U.S. Olympic hockey team

Frenkel, Françoise, /A bookshop in Berlin : : the rediscovered memoir of one woman's harrowing escape from the Nazis

Neumann, Ariana. /When time stopped : : a memoir of my father's war and what remains

Larson, Erik, /The splendid and the vile

MacCallum, Martha, /Unknown valor : a story of family, courage, and sacrifice from Pearl Harbor to Iwo Jima

KSJB Radio /Dakota air the radio show

Chamberlain, Diane, /Big lies in a small town

Clipston, Amy, /The bake shop

Colfer, Eoin, /Highfire

Colgan, Jenny, /Where have all the boys gone?

Dicks, Matthew, /Twenty-one truths about love

Dugoni, Robert, /A cold trail

Fluke, Joanne, /Coconut layer cake murder

Gardiner, Meg, /The dark corners of the night

Jenoff, Pam, /The things we cherished

Johnstone, William W., /Shot to hell

Kellerman, Jonathan, /The museum of desire

Ledwidge, Michael, /Stop at nothing

Lethem, Jonathan, /Motherless Brooklyn

Mallery, Susan, /Sisters by choice

Mosley, Walter. /Trouble is what I do

Noblin, Annie England, /St. Francis Society for Wayward Pets

Patterson, James, /Blindside

Preston, Douglas J., /Crooked river

Rice, Luanne, /Last day

Robb, J. D., /Golden in death

Schiller, B. C., /Don't forget me

Shelton, Paige, /Thin ice

Spindler, Erica, /The look-alike

Stabenow, Dana, /No fixed line

Taylor, Brad, /Hunter killer : a Pike Logan novel

Williams, Beatriz, /All the ways we said goodbye : : a novel of the Ritz Paris


The divine plan

The sentence


A tuba to Cuba

The snowman trek : : the ultimate outdoor challenge

They are we

The feud

KSJB Radio Dakota air the radio show

American bistro


A beautiful day in the neighborhood

The big bang theory : The complete eleventh season

Black and blue

The chaperone


Don't worry, he won't get far on foot

Gemini man

The goldfinch

The good liar


Howards End

The invisibles

Jojo Rabbit

Doctor Sleep

Knives out

Last Christmas

The lighthouse

Love and sunshine

Love possibly


Motherless Brooklyn

My one & only

The nightingale




Rambo : First blood

Rambo : first blood part II

Rambo III

Shaft : 2000

Terminator : dark fate

Them that follow

Trauma center

21 bridges

Zombieland : Double tap


McCulloch, Gretchen, /Because internet : understanding the new rules of language

Westhoff, Ben, /Fentanyl, Inc. : how rogue chemists are creating the deadlist wave of the opioid epidemic

Clayton, John, /Natural rivals : John Muir, Gifford Pinchot, and the creation of America's public lands

Rubenstein, David M., /The American story : conversations with master historians

Geist, William, /Lake of the Ozarks : my surreal summers in a vanishing America

Armstrong, Charlotte, /The unsuspected

Belden, Emily, /Husband material

Billingham, Mark, /Their little secret

Black, Saul, /Anything for you

Brandvold, Peter, /The cost of dying : the violent days of Lou Prophet, bounty hunter

Chapman, Vannetta, /Dead wrong : an Amish cozy mystery

Cole, Tobias, /Gold fever

Cornwell, Bernard, /Sword of kings

Correa, Armando Lucas, /The daughter's tale

Coyle, Cleo, /Brewed awakening

Crownover, James D., /Sheep Pen Cañon

Donlea, Charlie, /Some choose darkness

Dylan, Rachel, /End game

Ellison, J. T., /Good girls lie

Feehan, Christine, /Vendetta road

Ferguson, Melissa, /The dating charade

Finder, Joseph, /House on fire

Flower, Amanda, /Toxic toffee

Gardner, Lisa, /When you see me

Harris, Kathy, /Deadly commitment

Hill, Edwin, /The missing ones

Johnstone, William W., /Deadly day in Tombstone

Kellerman, Jonathan, /The museum of desire

Kelly, Julia, /The whispers of war

Krentz, Jayne Ann, /The vanishing

Lindsay, Jeff, /Just watch me

Logan, T. M., /29 seconds

London, Julia, /The devil in the saddle

McCall Smith, Alexander, /The peppermint tea chronicles

Melinek, Judy, /First cut

Meyer, Nicholas, /The adventure of the peculiar protocols : adapted from the journals of John H. Watson, M.D.

Napolitano, Ann, /Dear Edward

Patterson, James, /Lost

Patterson, James, /The river murders : thrillers

Pearson, Robin W., /A long time comin'

Spindler, Erica, /The look-alike

Stevens, Taylor, /Liars' legacy

Thompson, Victoria /City of scoundrels

Todd, Charles, /A divided loyalty : an Inspector Ian Rutledge mystery

Warren, Susan May, /The way of the brave

Williams, Beatriz, /The wicked redhead : a wicked city novel

Woods, Stuart, /Treason