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Plain Talk Podcast: ND united keeping options open for lawsuit over mistake in allocations to constitutional funds

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Could the state of North Dakota be sued over a mistake in how oil tax revenues were allocated to certain constitutional funds?

On this episode of Plain Talk the head of North Dakota's combined teacher and public worker unions, Nick Archuleta of North Dakota United, says that's something he and his group like like to avoid. "We are very hopeful the state will have a vigorous debate over this," he said.

"I don't think there's any fault to be found," he added, but says his group would like to see any ambiguous language about the distributions fixed and a make the funds whole with the revenues they were supposed to receive.

Archuleta says his group would be fine with repaying those revenues over time.

Senator Ray Holmberg (R-Grand Forks), chairman of the Senate Appropriations Committee, was also on this episode talking about revenue forecasts and finalizing budgets.