FARGO — When WDAY TV's Amy Unrau was waiting in studio to do a satellite interview with Alfonso Ribeiro, the actor who played Carlton Banks on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, she thought it would be a pretty standard interview about him promoting his gig with the Hampton Hotels Road Trip Hotline. But, as she heard his producer notifying him that Fargo was up next and on the line, she also heard his "hot mic" response.

"Fargo...places you don't go," he said, prompting a shocked expression from the news anchor, who isn't sure whether or not Ribeiro knew she could hear him.

Unrau didn't call him out on the comment during the interview. "We only had a really tight window to do the interview," she said, but she did pop up the encounter on her social media account, tweeting at him as well. From there, it took off, as she and others began trying to encourage the actor to come to Fargo to check it out. WDAY has created a hashtag to get Alfonso Ribeiro to Fargo with #AlfonsoToFargo.

"Maybe he could come and do the Carlton dance in front of the Fargo Theatre," she quipped.

On Ribeiro's facebook page, there is a photo of him sitting in the chair, doing these interviews with different media outlets, and beneath his post is a deluge of comments supporting Fargo.

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"Hey Alfonso! I know you think Fargo is a "place that you don't go" but I urge you to reconsider! Here's a travel guide to help sway you," one man commented with a link promoting Fargo, while another said, "I'm done using your gif's until you come visit Fargo!!"