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What: "Radium Girls" theater production

When: 7 p.m. Thursday and Friday, Nov. 21-22

Where: Jamestown High School Theater, 1509 10th St. NE, Jamestown

Tickets: $6 adults, $4 students, available at the door

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Injustice. Drama. A connection to history. These are only a few of the reasons Anthony McIntryre selected "Radium Girls" as the fall production for the Jamestown High School Drama Club.

"I was looking for a drama. I alternate between comedy and drama for our full-length plays," McIntryre said. "I wanted something that design-wise was very different in look and presentation style from the other shows we've done here before."

McIntryre, a graduate of Jamestown High School and the University of Jamestown, said this is his sixth year directing at the school. Outside of teaching creative writing and English, McIntryre said directing plays is one of his favorite parts of the job.

"I really love the opportunity to watch all the students grow throughout their entire time in high school," McIntryre said. "You see by the time they're seniors they've kind of grown into leaders, whereas freshmen they were coming in ... it's just a nice circular thing. Even the students can see how much different this is as a senior than it was as a freshman."

McIntryre said 29 students in total are participating in the production, which includes actors and actresses, stage producers and costumers. In terms of any obstacles the director had recruiting cast members, McIntryre said the drama club "never has a shortage of students" when the fall play is announced.

"The challenge often ends up being finding shows that can utilize as many actors that want to act and making sure that everyone has the opportunity to get involved," McIntryre said. "There's some great shows that have six or seven characters in it but you want to make sure that all of the students have opportunities to be involved and you're not turning them away for the wrong reasons."

McIntryre said he believes "Radium Girls" was an appropriate selection for the students as the production will shed light onto political adversity during the World War I era, which McIntryre said are problems that can still be seen in society today.

"It allows us to have some connection to history as well as some famous historical figures and famous people in the realm of science, as well as talking about worker's rights and sexism and lots of issues that are still very meaningful today," McIntryre said. "We like our students to be able to connect with themes that they see and so the theme of injustice runs heavily throughout this show."

McIntryre said the cast members are able to build relationships and gain each other's trust with how much time is spent together before the spotlight finally shines.

"We all rely on everyone else to succeed, it's the great thing about theater," McIntryre said. "It has to be collaboration, and that's one of our focuses at Jamestown Public Schools is collaboration. 'I'm reliant on you and you're reliant on me to have a successful production.'"

The director encourages people to attend the production to show support for the students involved as well as seeing the final product of months of practice.

"I think the work that our students do is excellent. We are thrilled to present our work and to have a very public demonstration about the work we've been doing," McIntryre said. "I think it is a show that is challenging in terms of subject matter, but I'm really impressed with the way that our kids are handling it. It will allow our audience to come face-to-face with a lot of challenging realities."