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Lowering cortisol naturally can improve overall health

Sanford Specialist Dr. Eric Thompson gives reasons why high cortisol is so prevalent in women.

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FARGO — Cortisol is a substance that our bodies make to get us going, but too much of it causes weight gain and mental health issues which can lead to high blood pressure, heart disease, or diabetes.

As it is National Women's Health Week, Sanford specialist in integrated and lifestyle medicine Dr. Eric Thompson said high cortisol is so common in women because the hormones kick in early in the morning between 6 a.m. and 9 a.m. then produces more throughout the day with stress.

Getting enough sleep is one major way to help reduce or manage it.

"(I)f we're on a consistent pattern of waking and sleeping, we're gonna have a better control of our hormone release pattern," Thompson said.

Mind relaxation practices are another way to reduce or manage cortisol levels.


"If we can calm the mind throughout the day, we're gonna help drop those cortisol levels naturally," Thompson said. "In a drug-free way that makes us center and feel more focus and reduces that anxiety and tension."

Thompson said eating low processed foods, green tea, exercising and certain herb supplements are other ways to reduce high cortisol levels.

He says his favorites are the four P's: People relations, pet relationships, positivity, prayer and putting your phone down.

Different gauges can then help measure and determine if your cortisol is high or not.

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