Jamestown Public School District Alternative Lunch Program recently received a donation of $200 thanks to Terry Lund, an employee of Dacotah Bank. As part of the company’s Give Where We Live program, each employee may direct $200 per year to a deserving non-profit organization or local cause.

Lund said tthe initiative is a great way for local employees to provide financial support to nonprofits, causes and events locally.

“The Give Where We Live program gives me an opportunity to consider the many activities that need financial support in our area," he said.

Shelly Mack, food service director for the Jamestown Public School District, said donated funds are used to help families that are struggling to make their school lunch payments as well as setting up pantries that provide food for these hungry families on the weekends.

"Our community has been very supportive and generous in this effort to keep kids fed," she said. "The school lunch program provides a low cost, hot meal at breakfast and lunch with wonderful salad bars filled with fruits and vegetables and served with a glass of milk. Unfortunately, due to tight budgets, it can get quite stressful to make ends meet. With such loving support from our community we can end hunger in our own backyard. The best place to feed these children is in their own school lunch and breakfast programs. I appreciate your donation to this cause!”

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Dacotah Bank’s CEO and president, Joe Senger, said the Give Where We Live program demonstrates the company’s culture.