The city of Jamestown is relying on public cooperation and public service announcements to reduce the number of cars on the streets when snowplows are working.

"We don't want to pass harsh ordinances to get people to understand that people have a job to do removing snow," Jamestown Mayor Dwaine Heinrich told the Jamestown Public Works Committee Thursday.

Heinrich said the city needs to get the word out to the public when they need to move vehicles so snowplows don't have to go around them when plowing streets. The city declares a snow emergency anytime more than 4 inches of snow falls in Jamestown. Residents are required to move their vehicles within 48 hours of a snow emergency.

Councilman David Steele said getting cars off the streets after snowstorms is one way to reduce costs to the city and possibly reduce taxes.

"We need people to change their ways after snow events," Heinrich said. "Otherwise there will be ordinances, tickets and towing."

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The city is also planning to limit overnight parking in the city parking lots adjacent to the railroad tracks to the spaces next to the fence along the tracks and rotate the starting points for snow removal efforts so no area consistently gets quicker snow removal than other areas of town.

In other business, the Jamestown Police and Fire Committee approved eliminating two unfilled positions from the Jamestown Police Department. The 2020 budget included about $131,000 for those positions which will be spread to other officers within the department. The move amounts to an increase of $292 per month for a newly hired police officer or about a 7.3% raise.

The Jamestown City Council approved hiring Tyler Michel for the position of sanitation foreman after the retirement of Roger Mayhew from the position. Michel will earn $5,127 per month at the post.