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Andrist is a third-generation weekly newspaper publisher from Crosby, North Dakota, who served eight years as executive director of the North Dakota Newspaper Association. He now serves as the co-chair of the North Dakota News Cooperative, which will work to produce in-depth stories of statewide interest – the types of stories that can be difficult to produce in busy newsrooms today.
These recent headlines could potentially hinder future growth and jeopardize a university that was a statewide success story after a series of enrollment surges.
Shaw writes, "The legislators, under the leadership of House Speaker Aaron Rodgers, have decided that avoiding vaccinations is some sort of freedom issue. They act as if in the Bill of Rights, right next to freedom of speech and freedom of the press, is the freedom to spread a deadly disease."
Inflation in North Dakota is higher than the national average
The justices, who heard arguments on the case on Nov. 1, lifted a block on lower court proceedings, which may pave the way for a federal judge to block the law at least in part. The conservative-majority court on Sept. 1 had declined to halt the measure. The justices in a separate case dismissed a separate challenge brought by President Joe Biden's administration.
The Rev. Dominique Buchholz said Minnesota State University Moorhead officials noticed last year, coming back from the COVID pandemic, that campus counseling resources were swamped. MSUM leaders wanted to fill this important void. So they brought on Buchholz as chaplain to provide free, confidential listening and spiritual care to anyone: students, faculty and staff.
Steve Van Dyke writes, "While North Dakota has always been a clean air state under the Environmental Protection Agency’s regulations, some people who believe in a 'leave it in the ground' philosophy have tried to portray this industry as 'dirty polluters.'"
After reading the email Starkweather School Superintendent Larry Volk accidentally spammed to 700 other state administrators, ranting about Critical Race Theory, comparing "godless, cancerous" Democrats to Hitler, and Black Lives Matters to the Ku Klux Klan, any competent school board would fire him. Which means there's no chance that'll happen.
From the editorial: "Remember Pearl Harbor. We don’t need to have been there ... to push back against its fade into history."
Rabadi did not detail a reason for the end of the suit.