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John Myers

John Myers

Outdoors reporter

John Myers reports on the outdoors, natural resources and the environment for the Duluth News Tribune. He's been at the News Tribune since 1986, reporting a variety of topics, including eight years covering state and national government at the state Capitol in St. Paul. He's also covered the environment, mining, forest fires, climate, weather, crime, science, local government and general news. You can reach him at

All Nathan Williams is known to have had with him when he left on his trip are two fishing rods and a single shot Harrington & Richardson 12-gauge shotgun, in case he saw a grouse. He was wearing blue jeans and a black T-shirt. He didn't even have a sleeping bag — just a blue down comforter from his bed.
As soon as the snow melts, blacklegged ticks and others carrying serious diseases are out looking for your blood. Don't give it to them.
Hundreds of geese, ducks and eagles have perished already as migration moves north.
Minnesota is watching as hunters and the harvest increase, even as other states see fewer turkeys.
The Cornell Lab of Ornithology offers the Merlin Bird ID app for free.
Seth Trobec, of Coleraine, said he wasn't hurt when he jumped out of the fast-moving fish house.
Toxic lead from hunters' ammunition is impacting eagle population, researchers say.
A federal judge ruled the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service moved wrongly to remove wolves from the federal endangered list.
Aaron Alan Horn was given probation and ordered to pay $540.
In Minnesota, you have to have a kid along; in Wisconsin, anyone can fish for free.