A bio photo of Kris Kerzman.

Kris Kerzman

Social media manager

Kris Kerzman is the social media manager for InForum, using tools like Facebook and Twitter to provide trustworthy information and tell the stories of our community and region.

Kris has worked in social and digital media since the inception of the social internet, filling roles in marketing, public relations and journalism with organizations like the Plains Art Museum, The Arts Partnership and Flint Group before coming to The Forum. A bonafide news junkie, he is drawn to stories that speak to the quirks of human nature.

When he's not knee-deep in Facebook posts and digital news content, Kris is a dad to two curious kids, a board game enthusiast, a vinyl record collector and a student of BBQ.

Our strategic levels of punny snowplow names appear to be at a critical low, America.
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Wells Fargo customers took to social media Wednesday, Jan. 17 after being charged twice for online bill payments and experiencing long wait times on the bank's customer service line, NJ.com reported.