CITY OF JAMESTOWN, ND ORDINANCE NO. 1566 AN ORDINANCE AMENDING ORDINANCE NO. 1556 (APPENDIX C OF THIS CODE)BY AMENDING THE DISTRICT MAP BE IT ORDAINED BY THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF JAMESTOWN, NORTH DAKOTA, that Ordinance No. 1556 (Appendix C of the Code of the City of Jamestown, North Dakota) be amended by amending the District Map to change the zoning of the following: Lot 1, Block 1 of Hope Apostolic Addition, being within the City of Jamestown, Midway Township, Stutsman County, North Dakota from R-3 (General Multiple Dwelling District) to C-1 (Local Commercial District). The property is located at 424 4th Ave NE, Jamestown, North Dakota. APPROVED: Dwaine Heinrich, Mayor ATTEST: Sarah Hellekson, City Administrator Introduced by Council Member Kamlitz Seconded by Mayor Heinrich First Reading: November 7, 2022 Second Reading: December 5, 2022 Final Passage: December 5, 2022 Roll Call No. 3 showed: 3 ayes, 2 nays, 0 absent. (Dec. 21, 2022) 131682