City of Spiritwood Lake Council meeting

City of Spiritwood Lake Council meeting Tuesday June 7, 2022 Mayor Grimm called meeting to order at 7:35 PM. Council present Steckler, Klein, Schlecht and Auditor Krapp, Dustin Krueger Guest present Joe Gader Steckler moved to approve minutes, 2nd by Schlecht, MC Klein moved to approve Financial Statement 2nd by Steckler Schlecht motioned to pay bills 2nd by Klein, MC 3933 Shirly Krapp 923.50 3934 Shirly Krapp 20.00 3935 CDS 1068.00 3936 Northern Plains 25.65 3937 Forum Communications 98.82 3938 Chip Steckler 40.00 3939 Wyatt Steckler 200.00 3940 Kirk Grimm 100.00 3941 David Carlson 3942 US Postal Service 290.00 Old Business: 319 Grant Update- Water sampling done 2X in May. Auditor submitted 1st quarter reimbursement of $18,978.56. Dustin attended Spiritwood Lake Association meeting to give updates. SE Outlet Update-Shirly contacted, due to other duties dealing with flooding issues, no update Walking Path Update-lots of water on pathway Speed bumps are working. Some street signs need to be looked at. Quigley bladed all roads, continue when more moisture received. New Business: Jeff Schlenker-permit for 2 horses Steckler moved to approve, 2nd by Schlecht MC Joe Gader-presented permit for to house 3 cows again over winter months, will move to pasture over summer/fall, Steckler moved to approve, 2nd by Klein MC Spiritwood Resort Liquor License Steckler moved to approve, 2nd by Schlecht Dave Glaspell permit for approach into property, Schlecht moved to approve, 2nd by Steckler Kirk Grimm contact Stutsman County Water board regarding drains from North of Lake. Council discussed and decided no action to be done at this time. Elevation of lake on June 4th was 1444.9, on May 21 was 1445.10. Paint is peeling on pump house door; Auditor will contact contractor. Next regular council meeting will be Tuesday, June 28, 7:30 pm at Chip Steckler Shop 617 Spiritwood Avenue 10 unpaid waste management fees yet. Steckler motioned to adjourn at 8:25 PM 2nd by Klein Shirly Krapp, Auditor 701-320-2244 (June 25, 2022) 76063