City of Spiritwood Lake Council meeting

City of Spiritwood Lake Council meeting Tuesday July 5, 2022 Mayor Grimm called meeting to order at 7:30 PM. Council present Steckler, Klein, Schlecht, Krapp and Auditor Krapp Guest present Van Amundson, Shirli and Mickey Nenow Schlecht moved to approve June minutes with correction to add $100.00 to amount for check #3941, 2nd by Steckler, MC Steckler moved to approve June 28th special meeting minutes 2nd by Schlecht, MC Krapp moved to approve Financial Statement 2nd by Steckler Klein motioned to pay bills 2nd by Krapp, MC 3943 Shirly Krapp 923.50 3944 Shirly Krapp 20.00 3945 CDS 1068.00 3946 Northern Plains 25.65 3947 Forum Communications 61.56 3948 Chip Steckler 80.00 3949 United States Treasury 459.00 3950 SCD Watershed 6,360.07 Highway Fund 310 Stutsman County Hiway Dept 218.12 Old Business: 319 Grant Update- Meeting with Paul Klosterman next week to look at pastures. Water sampling going well. DO readings have been the same as last 3 years in a row at this time of year. There are still funds available for projects. SE Outlet Update-Shirly contacted, working on the wording of the permit and the operating plan yet. - Water is still flowing thru outlet about a foot deep. Lake Association members are keeping grates cleaned out. Some discussion about water draining from North of Lake. Further discussion held on Geese-would like to see testing of water now and then again when they arrive in fall. Of course, they are here till freeze up so extremely hard to test at that time. Walking Path Update-Kirk will be working on agreement with Eric. Plan to start mowing path Roads need to be bladed, contacted Quigley, will be doing them. Waste management discussion follow-up: Calls were made to residents, Lake Association posted on Facebook page. Items NOT to be put into dumpsters or we could lose our company. NO: Construction Material, furniture, appliances and electronics, dead animals, items outside dumpsters- only common household garbage bagged should be put into dumpsters. Schlecht made motion to do City clean-up in June next year, working with Lake Association, dates to be determined and Auditor mail out notice, 2nd by Krapp New Business: Waste management fees overdue-2 full, 7seasonal, auditor will mail late notices. Discussion was held regarding Dust Control for Glenwood and Spiritwood Avenue, Auditor will call for price quote, roads would need to be graded just before. Grass needs to be cut by guardrails-Schlecht and Grimm will do. Some Tree trimming is needed around City, Auditor will contact person Schlecht moved to issue additional Special Use Permit for July 30 for Spiritwood Resort, 2nd by Steckler MC Next regular council meeting will be Tuesday, August 2, 7:30 pm at Chip Steckler Shop 617 Spiritwood Avenue Krapp motioned to adjourn at 8:27 PM 2nd by Klein Shirly Krapp, Auditor 701-320-2244 (July 16, 2022) 81996