City of Spiritwood Lake Council meeting Tuesday July 6, 2021 Mayor Grimm called meeting to order at 7:30 PM.

City of Spiritwood Lake
Council meeting Tuesday July 6, 2021
Mayor Grimm called meeting to order at 7:30 PM.
Council present Steckler, Klein, Krapp, Schlecht and Auditor Krapp, Dustin Krueger
Guests present Paul Senne, Frank and Stephanie Jensen, David Steele, Rick Albrecht and Eric Nordstrom.
Krapp moved to approve minutes, 2nd by Schlecht, MC
Steckler moved to approve Financial Statement 2nd by Klein MC
Schlecht motioned to pay bills 2nd by Krapp, MC
3828 Shirly Krapp 923.50 3829 Shirly Krapp 20.00 3830 CDS 1068.00 3831 Northern Plains 25.65 3832 Forum Communications 60.06 3833 Chip Steckler 40.00 3834 Spiritwood Township 95.00 3835 SCD 8,092.87 3836 MFOA 30.00 3837 United States Treasury 459.00
Old Business:
319 Grant Update- To get system replaced, must have failing report of septic, 1 system set to replace, have about $65,721 left for BMP's??
Krueger gave report on water testing with comparison of DO from 1st testing done in 2013. Lake Elevation is 1444.23, seems to be about 2 weeks ahead of last year regarding algae bloom, very little runoff/no rain for a while.
RCPP-1 application was approved-2 rejected
SE Outlet-Waiting to hear from State-
Water Board Meeting-Lots of discussion about report from Chris Korkowski/discussed the waterflow in the watershed, he asked for a 2-year extension to finish report/granted by Stutsman Water Board. Report would be needed before Stutsman Water Board can make a recommendation on any projects.
Lots of discussion and questions from attendees about outlets from lake/Jim Collins stated SW outlet too expensive, decided to work on SE outlet with recommended Hypolimnetic drawdown system being installed. Still waiting to hear from State Water Board on final approval for SE outlet.
During our meeting, Concern was expressed about the dirty water flow in NW corner after the heavy 2-inch rain couple weeks ago.
Dustin will send out newsletter with update about SE outlet and other issues discussed at meeting.
Walking Path Update-Need to get agreement together to be signed and then apply for Grant money for signage. Signage is important (NO MOTORIZED VEHICLES) and enforcement by Sheriff and citizens reporting abuse to Sheriff if the WALKING path is going to work.
New Business
Auditor received email from citizen about golf carts and motorized vehicles at Sandy Beach, this was brought up at Park Board meeting while Sheriff was in attendance, Sheriff will patrol more often but is up to citizens to report if observed and call it in.
Speed bumps discussed on Glenwood Avenue, speed still a concern. May need to move/update Signage and possibly a different method of blocking ditch access to avoid the speed bumps. Steckler recommends City to get a quote to see what 5 proper speed bumps and some type of system to prevent going around them would cost. Council feels it could be a safety issue for pedestrians.
Special Use Permit presented from Spiritwood Resort for outdoor event on Sat, August 14, 2021, Firehouse Band. Steckler moved to approve 2nd by Schlecht.
Permit presented for Vicki Klein, Septic system replacement at 325 Glenwood Avenue, would be lift station with drain field. Steckler move to approve, 2nd by Krapp, Klein Abstained, Citizens in attendance held discussion with council about Little Earth Lodge, regarding extra traffic, parking on roadway, blocking city streets, extra garbage, Bad Language and noise after City quiet times as well as time owners posted. Auditor did research on whether license required from City. Per research, not considered a business by the State if certain criteria are met. Citizens advised it would be best to contact owners with any concerns for this type of enterprise per websites for this type of rentals. A complaint can be submitted on the website for the also.
It was decided that a council member will contact the owners and discuss issues and invite them to attend the next council meeting.
Rick Albrecht was in attendance to discuss the Texas crossing in the SE outlet area and the feasibility of a walking bridge along with the walking path. No action taken.
Rick informed council there is a product for Dust control made from a byproduct of Soybean Oil. Will get us information.
Next regular council meeting will be Tuesday, August 3, 7:30 pm at Chip Steckler Shop 617 Spiritwood Avenue
Schlecht motioned to adjourn at 9:30 PM 2nd by Steckler
Shirly Krapp, Auditor
(July 24, 2021)2897283