City of Spiritwood Lake Council meeting Tuesday May 4, 2021 Mayor Grimm called meeting to order at 7:32 PM.

City of Spiritwood Lake
Council meeting
Tuesday May 4, 2021
Mayor Grimm called meeting to order at 7:32 PM.
Council present Steckler, Klein, Schlecht and Auditor Krapp, Dustin Krueger
Guests present Bob Martin and Eric Nordstrom
Steckler moved to approve minutes, 2nd by Schlecht, MC
Steckler moved to approve Financial Statement 2nd by Schlecht
Schlecht motioned to pay bills 2nd by Steckler, MC
3812 Shirly Krapp 923.50 3813 Shirly Krapp 20.00 3814 CDS 1068.00 3815 Northern Plains 25.65 3816 Forum Communications 104.52 3817 Chip Steckler 40.00 3818 Central Business Systems 82.05 3819 Void 3820 Spiritwood Resort 34,574.40
Old Business:
319 Grant Update-Campground Septic Systems are completed 7 systems installed. Greg S stated will wait to see where we are at before transfer in money. 1 more system scheduled/1 more applying for replacement/have about $65,000 left for BMP's with Grant. With $45,000 for SE outlet, leaves about $20,000.000
Water Sampling today, Joe Nett was present to do Audit for sample testing. Lake has stratified. Able to see Sechi Disk at depth of 13 feet. Water quality is improving per report from NDDEQ
RCPP-May 14th deadline for signup. Dustin will be applying for additional grants for North of Jamestown Reservoir/gully erosion must be within 1 mile of water tributary to be eligible.
SE Outlet-No updates yet-Auditor will contact Jim Collins.
Walking Path Update-Eric is okay with route/non-motorized/will start on inside route for now. Kirk will work with Bill. Signage is being worked on/ Grant was applied for. Suggested we contact Jamestown Tourism about Kiosks needed.
Eric suggested we get 5 Speed bumps installed on Glenwood Avenue. Auditor will contact Quigley. Eric would like to see someway to stop people going around speed bumps, Kirk will work with Eric on this. Other roads grading, wait until it rains.
Tree Trimming, will be working on it soon. Residents are technically responsible for trimming trees within Road right of ways on their property.
New Business:
Spiritwood Resort Liquor License renewal/all paperwork in order/fees paid/ Steckler moved to approve License, 2nd by Klein, MC
Special Use Permit presented for Lake Jam Event July 2,3 and 4th, Steckler moved to approve, 2nd by Klein
Special Use Permit presented for Sept 2nd, Steckler moved to approve, 2nd by Klein
Auditor presented a 2-year lease agreement for rental of Meeting room from Chip Steckler from Jan 1, 2021 thru Dec 31, 2023, Schlecht motioned to City to proceed with lease, 2nd by Klein, Steckler Abstained, MC
Next regular council meeting will be Tuesday, June 1 7:30 pm at Chip Steckler Shop 617 Spiritwood Avenue
Steckler motioned to adjourn at 8:20 PM 2nd by Klein
Shirly Krapp,
(May 26, 2021)2889345