JAMESTOWN CITY COUNCIL REGULAR MEETING, APRIL 3, 2023 OFFICIAL MINUTES The regular meeting of the City Council was called to order by Mayor Heinrich at 5:00 P.M. The Pledge of Allegiance to the flag was recited. Roll Call showed the following members present: Mayor Heinrich, Council Members Kamlitz, Buchanan, Steele and Schloegel, City Attorney Ryan, and City Administrator Hellekson. Dorreen Eckman of Jamestown appeared before the City Council representing Boy Scout Troup #5555. The troop was present to learn about citizenship and community while working towards a merit badge. Council Member Steele moved to approve the minutes of the regular council meeting, March 6, 2023, and the committee meeting, March 23, 2023. Seconded by Council Member Kamlitz. Unanimous aye vote. Carried. No bids were received for the sale of abandoned/impounded vehicles. Council Member Schloegel moved to approve the following consent agenda items: A. Resolution to approve the K9 ownership sale for one dollar and transfer from the City to K9 handler Sgt. Andrew Stoen, approving K9 Odie’s 2023 retirement and expiration of certifications, directing the City Attorney to draft the agreement, and authorize the Mayor and City Administrator to sign the agreement. B. Resolution to approve the request from Emma Kleingartner d.b.a. Drift Prairie Brew House, LLC, for a Beer, Wine, and Sparkling Wine license (Class F) at 121 3rd St NW, for the period ending December 31, 2023, contingent upon receiving a certificate of occupancy. C. Resolution to approve the request for placement of an easement by Otter Tail Power Company for underground electric across Lots 8, 9 and 10, Block 2, Beverly Hills Sixth Addition, Jamestown, North Dakota and authorize the Mayor and City Administrator to sign the agreement. D. Resolution to direct the City Administrator to contact Stutsman County Sheriff’s Office, Barnes County Sheriff’s Office, and Valley City Police Department to request they share in the costs of supporting the Crisis Negotiation Team members. E. Resolution to approve amending the license agreement for private fire hydrants connected to the City of Jamestown water system and authorize the Fire Chief, Water Superintendent, Public Works Director and City Engineer to sign on behalf of the City. F. Resolution to approve advertising for bids for the purchase of One (1) New Front End Loader, Street Department. G. Resolution to approve Payment 2, to SRF Consulting Group, Inc., for 2023 Jamestown Planning and Zoning Technical Services, in the amount of $3,099.43. H. Resolution to approve Payment No. 100, to AE2S, LLC, for On Call engineering services (I&C Water) for a total amount of $1,995.85. I. Resolution to approve Payment No. 1, to Interstate Engineering Inc., for engineering services on Hydraulic Modeling and Alternatives to Supply to NE Zone, in the amount of $13,770.00. J. Resolution to approve Payment No. 1, to Interstate Engineering Inc., for engineering services on Replacement of Three (3) Pedestrian Bridges, in the amount of $5,772.50. K. Resolution to approve Payment No. 4, to Interstate Engineering Inc., for engineering services on Inert Landfill Permit and Expansion, in the amount of $230.00. L. Resolution to approve Payment No. 4, to Interstate Engineering Inc., for engineering services on Water Treatment Plant Lime Sludge Filter Press Replacement Procurement and Installation Contracts, in the amount of $4,855.00. M. Resolution to approve Payment No. 4, to Interstate Engineering Inc., for engineering services on Task Order No. 21-01 – Waste Water Treatment Facility Improvements Facility Plan and CWSRF Application, in the amount of $9,360.00. N. Resolution to approve Payment No. 13, to Interstate Engineering, Inc., for engineering services on North West Booster Station, in the amount of $1,682.27. O. Resolution to approve Payment No. 332, in the amount of $25,493.90, to Interstate Engineering, Inc., for engineering services on various city department consultations as follows: a. (General), in the amount of $8,888.90; b. (Streets), in the amount of $3,897.50; c. (Sewer), in the amount of $3,920.00; d. (Water), in the amount of $5,290.00; e. (Solid Waste), in the amount of $3,497.50. P. Resolution to allow the March indebtedness in the amount of $5,415,871.07 consisting of $571,037.77 payroll and $4,844,833.30 general obligations. 104.45 A & B BUSINESS SOLUTIONS, INC; 25.00 ADAMS, MICHAEL; 33244.60 ADVANTAGE ELECTRIC, INC; 829.75 AE2S, LLC; 12000.00 AIRBORNE VECTOR CONTROL, LLC; 80.00 ALPHA OPPORTUNITIES; 138.77 AMERICAN BACKFLOW PRODUCTS COMPANY; 764.00 AMERICAN PUBLIC WORKS ASSN; 3295.78 AMERICAN WELDING & GAS, INC; 528.00 APEX ENGINEERING GROUP, INC; 905.00 APEX SOFTWARE; 7882.23 AQUA-PURE INC; 1991.01 ARAMARK; 31.52 ARCHBOLD, JONATHAN; 279.67 BACON, ALEXANDER P; 756.80 BALCO UNIFORM CO., INC.; 239721.89 BANK OF NORTH DAKOTA, TRUSTEE; 700.00 BC CONTRACTING; 286.77 BEAR, PRESTON K; 145000.00 BNSF RAILWAY COMPANY; 12257.32 BORDER STATES INDUSTRIES INC; 100.00 BROWN, LONNIE; 5122.58 BUFFALO CITY DIESEL, INC; 700.00 BUFFALO CITY MOTEL; 661.67 BUTLER MACHINERY COMPANY; 26240.44 CAPITAL ONE PUBLIC FUNDING; 4646.51 CARDMEMBER SERVICE; 1512.80 CENEX; 3457.74 CENTRAL BUSINESS SYSTEMS, INC; 136.75 CENTRAL SQUARE; 32240.97 CENTRAL STATES WIRE PRODUCTS, INC; 255.84 CENTURYLINK; 117.52 CHAPIN, ZACHARY; 352.56 CHRISTIANSON, GRANT M; 1400.00 CLEAN UP CONTRACTORS; 106.00 COCA-COLA BOTTLING HIGH COUNTRY; 308.40 COLE PAPERS, INC; 2100.00 CONSOLIDATED CONSTRUCTION; 23900.00 CPS, LTD; 1457.50 CREATIVE ENERGY INC.; 771.28 CROSS COUNTRY FREIGHT SOLUTIONS; 176.15 CUSTOM TRUCK; 1060.12 DACOTAH PAPER COMPANY; 1516.17 DAKOTA CEN. TELECOMMUNICATIONS; 123.94 DAKOTA RENTAL CENTER, LLC; 1293.51 DAKOTA SUPPLY GROUP; 26809.67 DALSTED & RYAN, PC; 3635.73 DAN POLAND MACHINE, INC; 55.36 DOMINO’S PIZZA, INC; 541.96 DON WILHELM INC; 470.39 ECOLAB PEST ELIMINATION DIV; 9375.57 ELAN FINANCIAL SERVICES; 4000.00 ELITE HYDRAULIC SALES & SERVICE; 2991.10 ENVIRONMENTAL SYSTEMS RESEARCH INSTITUTE; 700.00 FARGO LINOLEUM CO, INC; 710.40 FASTENAL COMPANY; 3649.69 FERGUSON WATERWORKS #2516; 4159.09 FORUM COMMUNICATIONS COMPANY; 6050.00 GLYCOL ENTERPRISES; 1109.52 GRAINGER; 15.40 GROSS, LEROY; 179.99 GUN & REEL SPORTS, INC; 170.00 HACTC; 270.00 HANSON TIRE SERVICE; 8463.09 HAWKINS, INC; 253.67 HECKER, AMANDA; 97.02 HEINRICH, DWAINE; 1424.14 HERCULES TOW ROPES, INC; 12.45 HIGH PLAINS WATER; 137.46 HOME OF ECONOMY; 116.34 HOTSY EQUIPMENT CO; 87.21 HUGO’S NO. 9; 495.00 I3G MEDIA; 300.20 INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY DEPT; 531.60 INNOVATIVE OFFICE SOLUTIONS, LLC; 1103.33 INTERSTATE ALL BATTERY CENTER; 34127.32 INTERSTATE ENGINEERING, INC; 180.00 J&L CONCESSIONS; 627.04 J.J. KELLER & ASSOCIATES, INC; 10073.50 JAMES RIVER HUMANE SOCIETY, INC; 306171.93 JAMES RIVER VALLEY LIBRARY SYSTEM; 405.21 JAMES VALLEY FOP LODGE NO. 4; 22968.54 JAMESTOWN - STUTSMAN; 1739.00 JAMESTOWN AREA AMBULANCE; 8862.50 JAMESTOWN CIVIC CENTER; 285.14 JAMESTOWN CIVIC CENTER - Petty Cash; 1000.00 JAMESTOWN COMMUNITY CORRECTIONS; 210.00 JAMESTOWN MUNICIPAL COURT; 40008.99 JAMESTOWN PARK & RECREATION; 695.03 JAMESTOWN PLUMBING, HEATING & AC, INC; 500.00 JAMESTOWN PUBLIC SCHOOL DISTRICT NO. 1; 99220.92 JAMESTOWN REGIONAL AIRPORT AUTHORITY; 85200.33 JAMESTOWN TOURISM; 140.00 JAMESTOWN UNITED WAY; 879.51 JAMESTOWN, CITY OF - 8011; 98343.00 JAMESTOWN, CITY OF - 8022; 2064.66 JAMESTOWN, CITY OF - Flex Spending; 70584.22 JAMESTOWN, CITY OF - Landfill Fees; 710.00 JAMESTOWN, CITY OF - Misc1; 912.27 JAMESTOWN, CITY OF - Misc2; 182.34 JAMESTOWN, CITY OF - Petty Cash; 2930.79 JAMESTOWN, CITY OF - Water Utility; 5669.98 JDP AUTOMATION; 4800.00 JENSEN, GARY; 2596.59 JOHN DEERE FINANCIAL; 75.00 JONNY B’S LLC; 100.00 KAPP, ELIZABETH; 3800.00 KEPIDA CONTRACTIN; 36447.26 KILLORAN TRUCKING & BROKERAGE, INC; 2858.33 KROPP LAW OFFICES, PC; 359.62 LAWSON PRODUCTS, INC; 233.00 LEAF; 39.21 LEE, DAKOTA; 4148.67 LINCOLN NATIONAL LIFE INS CO, THE; 235.05 LINDE GAS & EQUIPMENT INC; 28.77 MAC’S, INC; 6628.00 MAINSTAY FUNDS; 123.87 MARCO TECHNOLOGIES LLC, NW 7128; 28.58 MATTHEW BENDER & CO, INC; 4635.42 MAXAIR, LLC; 350.00 MECKLENBERG, LORI; 464.73 MENARD INC; 967.68 MESSERLI & KRAMER PA; 2900.00 METROPOLITAN MECHANICAL CONTRACTORS, INC; 30.00 MFOA; 45795.93 MONTANA-DAKOTA UTILITIES; 843.34 MVTL LABORATORIES, INC; 3925.45 NAPA AUTO PARTS; 132.40 NARDINI FIRE EQUIP CO, INC; 5887.00 NAUTILUS FLOATS; 18.54 ND DEPT OF ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY...; 475.00 ND LEAGUE OF CITIES; 41.85 ND ONE CALL, INC; 400.00 ND STATE DEPT OF HEALTH - Micro Lab Div; 3411.50 NEWMAN TRAFFIC SIGNS; 3499.00 NORTHEAST MUNITIONS; 23002.93 NORTHERN PLAINS; 35.67 NORTHERN SAFETY TECHNOLOGY, INC; 788.20 NORTHERN TRUCK EQUIPMENT CORPORATION; 444.73 NW TIRE, INC; 120.35 O’REILLY AUTOMOTIVE STORES, INC; 55988.22 OTTER TAIL POWER COMPANY; 122.10 PLUNKETT’S PEST CONTROL; 3686.41 POWERPLAN OIB; 270.74 PRESS ROOM, THE; 45.00 PROFESSIONAL LAW ENFORCEMENT ASSOC; 198.00 RADISSON HOTEL BISMARCK; 344.67 RAILROAD MANAGEMENT COMPANY III, LLC; 3439.96 RAINER ARMS; 37.50 RECORD KEEPERS LLC; 11044.64 RECOVERY SYSTEMS CO, INC; 1135.00 RECYCLING ASSOCIATION OF MINNESOTA; 46704.45 RECYCLING CENTER OF NORTH DAKOTA, LLC; 100.00 REUTHER, JIMMY; 142.18 RINEHART, ALAN; 340.00 ROOSEVELT PLACE HOTEL; 151.25 ROWELL, JOE; 134.00 SAFETY-KLEEN SYSTEMS, INC; 1353.51 SANITATION PRODUCTS, INC; 42.71 SCHAACK, NICK; 4741.45 SCHERBENSKE INC; 13.82 SCHULTZ, JEREMY J; 3387.00 SERVICEMASTER OF JAMESTOWN; 46.55 SIMANONOK, MICHAEL; 100.00 SMITH, KELLY; 26670.00 SMITH, PORSBORG, SCHWEIGERT, ARMSTRONG,; 1840.00 SP & E INCORPORATED; 90.22 SPEE DEE; 637.86 SRF CONSULTING GROUP, INC; 2774569.46 STARION BOND SERVICES; 226.00 STASKA, ANDREW; 200.00 STEELE, DAVID; 339.60 STREICHER’S; 420.00 STUTSMAN COUNTY AUDITOR; 708.75 STUTSMAN COUNTY ROAD DEPARTMENT; 162.08 STUTSMAN RURAL WATER DISTRICT; 181.50 SUMMIT FIRE PROTECTION; 19480.40 SUNSET LAW ENFORCEMENT; 599.37 SWANSTON EQUIPMENT CORPORATION; 712.29 SYSCO NORTH DAKOTA, INC; 1072.75 TDS METROCOM; 749.00 THE HARTFORD; 1018.81 THOMSON REUTERS - WEST PAYMENT CENTER; 3427.20 TITAN MACHINERY; 16402.13 TITAN MACHINERY - Jamestown; 2360.00 TRASTAR, INC; 1149.00 TWO RIVERS PRINTING, INC; 9472.07 TYLER TECHNOLOGIES, INC; 1090.80 U.S. PATRIOT; 172.19 ULINE; 3900000.00 UNISON BANK; 3337.16 UNITED STATES POSTAL SERVICE; 900.00 UNIVERSITY OF JAMESTOWN BASEBALL; 2693.09 USA BLUEBOOK; 6069.80 VERIZON WIRELESS; 3522.19 VESSCO, INC.; 29717.63 VINING OIL COMPANY; 700.00 VISION CONSTRUCTION, LLC; 100.00 WANGRUD, KELLY; 534.10 WILDSIDE CREATIONS, INC; Seconded by Council Member Buchanan. Consent Roll Call No. 1 showed: 5 ayes, 0 nays, 0 absent. Carried. Council Member Steele questioned if the City should be advertising for bids for the purchase of One (1) New Front End Loader, Solid Waste Department as there are no specifications completed yet available for potential bidders to view. Public Works Director Michel stated that specifications will be completed next week. Council Member Schloegel made a motion to send this item to the April Public Works Committee. Seconded by Council Member Kamlitz. Unanimous aye vote. Council Member Buchanan moved to introduce the first reading of an ordinance to amend and re-enact Ordinance No. 329 of the City Code by amending the District Map to change the zoning of North 50’ of Lots 9 through 12 and South 80’ of Lots 9 through 12, Block 31, Original Townsite of the City of Jamestown, Stutsman County, North Dakota from C-2 (General Commercial District) to CC (Central Core Commercial District). The property is located at 101 and 107 2nd Ave SE, Jamestown, North Dakota. Council Member Kamlitz moved to appoint John Baumgartner to serve as a member of the Special Assessment Commission for a six-year term to expire in April 2029. Seconded by Council Member Steele. Unanimous aye vote. Carried. City Engineer Travis Dillman provided information related to the 2023Watermain Project bid, which was substantially over the engineer’s estimate. He recommended that the Council reject the bid and re-advertise the bid with a 2024 completion date. Council Member Steele moved to reject the bid for the Watermain Improvement District 23-61. Seconded by Council Member Schloegel. Roll Call No. 2 showed: 5 ayes, 0 nays, 0 absent. Carried. Council Member Steele moved to award the bid for the 23-41 Paving District to Border States Paving in the amount of $2,293,693.32. Seconded by Council Member Kamlitz. Roll Call No. 3 showed: 5 ayes, 0 nays, 0 absent. Carried. Council Member Schloegel moved to award the bid for the 23-11 Sidewalk, Curb and Gutter District to LD Concrete in the amount of $71,547.50. Seconded by Council Member Kamlitz. Roll Call No. 4 showed: 5 ayes, 0 nays, 0 absent. Carried. Council Member Schloegel moved to adjourn at 5:38 p.m. Seconded by Council Member Kamlitz. Unanimous aye vote. Carried. APPROVED: DWAINE HEINRICH, Mayor ATTEST: SARAH HELLEKSON, City Administrator (April 15, 2023) 213229