JAMESTOWN PUBLIC SCHOOL BOARD Regular Meeting Official Minutes School board meeting on Monday, November 1, 2021 at 5:15 pm in the Thompson Community room at the Middle School. Present: Greg Allen, President, Heidi Larson, Vice President, Melissa Gleason, Diane Hanson, Roger Haut, Gayle Nelson, Jason Rohr, Dan Tweten, Superintendent, Robert Lech and Sally Ost Business Manager. Aaron Roberts was absent. Guests: Jada Anderson, Emma Mickelson and Jennifer Jung. President Allen called the meeting to order and welcomed the audience, Jason Linz, Bluejay Channel and Amy Neustel, Administrative Assistant. Mr. Haut moved, seconded by Mr. Rohr to approve the consent agenda which consisted of October 18, 2021 regular school board meeting minutes, September 18, 2021 JVCTC advisory meeting minutes, and payment of bills. Roll call with unanimous “yes” vote. Motion carried. Superintendent Lech reported on the health and safety update. Superintendent Lech reported the study group met for leave study and had good conversations on leaves. This study group was part of the negotiations agreement to review leave policies. Melissa Gleason arrived at 5:20 pm. Superintendent Lech reported on the Ecare program. This program would help fill the gap of the school having one school nurse to cover all the buildings. The district would apply for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation grant. This grant would cover a percentage of costs per year and the district would have $3,100 to commit to this 3 year pilot program. We will pilot the program in Louis L’Amour Elementary. If we do not pursue the grant and did the pilot on our own this program would cost approximately $15,000 for the 3 years. Superintendent Lech reported on a great opportunity for our high school students. The counseling department has initiated College and Career lab program where students during the school day can gain a better understanding of various careers as well as post-secondary options. The counselors have a career theme per month for students to attend a session for approximately 20-30 minutes on a specific career option in a field the student may be interested in. The counselors reported approximately 100 students participated in October which was healthcare careers. Superintendent Lech reached out to legislators regarding the ESSER funding. He shared our ESSER budgets and pathways with them. There have been significant discussions across the state and with the Legislative Focus Group related to ESSER and the changing guidance. Superintendent Lech reported a revision to the school board meeting schedule for December due to the audit report needs to be brought to the board by December 31 for approval. The first meeting of the month is too early for the auditors to prepare the report. Mrs. Jennifer Jung; Principal, Jada Anderson; Instructional Coach, and Emma Mickelson; 3rd Grade Teacher reported on the purpose of instructional coaches from different positions. Instructional coaches collaborate with principals to review curriculum and data for their building. Coaches are resources for teachers. Teachers have limited time to research and understand the changes to new curriculum. The coaches can teach the class to work through a new way to help the students or observe to see how the students are engaging to assist the direction for the teacher. North Dakota School Board Association Annual Conference review: Mrs. Nelson was interested in the superintendent’s forum on hiring to fit the culture. Mr. Rohr reported he thought it was interesting to see all district facing the same issues on staffing and culture in their schools. Mr. Haut attended the session on online learning and how the distance learning for teachers was a learning experience on how to teach through zoom. He state the session showed how online learning is a positive way to teach for distance learning. Mr. Tweten reported on the session of North Cass on personalized learning and the tie to competency learning. Mrs. Gleason attended a session on Beating the Odds which used drums to do non- verbal communication with students. This is positive for social and emotional behavior. A school also used this to communicate with teachers. President Allen asked the board members to pick one item that would benefit our district and send it to Amy. This list will be brought to a retreat to discuss further. Superintendent Lech reported the summer projects process is currently in the design stage. Projects have been approved for specific buildings of summer of 2022. One concern is the turnaround for prefab metal buildings with our timeline. Construction Manager at Risk is valuable to coordinate this concern with the time allotted for this project. Meetings are twice a month, with the next one scheduled for November 9th at 4 pm. Mrs. Larson asked for a report from this meeting be brought to the next board meeting. Mr. Haut moved, seconded by Mrs. Nelson to approve the agreement with Avel eCare services. Roll call with unanimous “yes” vote. Motion carried. Mr. Haut moved, seconded by Mrs. Larson to approve all tuition agreements a-d, 3 Pre-K, 1 Kindergarten and 1 First Grade students to attend Montpelier Public School for the 2021-2022 school year. Roll call with unanimous “yes” vote. Motion carried. Mrs. Larson moved, seconded by Mr. Haut to approve the revision of the regular school board meeting schedule for December 6th to December 20th, 2021. Roll call with unanimous “yes” vote. Motion carried. Mrs. Nelson moved, seconded by Mr. Haut to approve the annual review of MOU with James River Medical Center for Disaster Shelter. Roll call with unanimous “yes” vote. Motion carried. No further business, President Allen adjourned the meeting. (Feb. 19, 2022) 33925