JAMESTOWN PUBLIC SCHOOL BOARD Special Meeting Official Minutes School board special meeting on Wednesday, May 18, 2022 at 5:30 pm in the Central Office Conference Room in the Middle School. Present: Heidi Larson, Vice President, Diane Hanson, Roger Haut, Jason Rohr, Dan Tweten, Superintendent, Robert Lech and Business Manager, Sally Ost. Aaron Roberts, Gayle Nelson and Melissa Gleason attended via TEAMS. Greg Allen was absent. Vice President Larson called the meeting to order at 5:30 pm. Mr. Roger Haut moved, seconded by Mrs. Diane Hanson to approve the purchase of two (2) 2014 Chevy Collins Non CDL Mini Buses with mileage of 75,708 and 76,701 for a purchase price of $67,998.00. Aaron Roberts asked about handicap accessibility. Dr. Lech stated that these are for Activities and are a standard bus. Diane Hanson asked what the plan was to get them. Dr. Lech is working on finding people that are able to go to Hurley South Dakota and pick them up. Roll call vote: Gleason, yes Hanson, yes; Haut, yes; Larson, yes; Rohr, yes; Nelson, yes; Tweten, yes; Roberts, yes. Passed 8-0. Motion carried. No further business, Vice President Larson adjourned the meeting. (Aug. 3, 2022)