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Jamestown Public School District School Board Retreat January 9, 2023 The meeting of the Jamestown School Board, for purposes of a board retreat, was called to order at 5:20 PM in the Central Office Conference Room. Members present were Heidi Larson, Dan Tweten, Gayle Nelson, Jason Rohr, Aaron Roberts, Melissa Gleason, Diane Hanson, and Steve Veldkamp. Others present were Sally Ost, Business Manager, Kristi Grounds, Heidi Budeau, Special Education Director, and Dr. Robert Lech, Superintendent. Heidi Budeau presented on special education law and the least restrictive environment (LRE) as it relates to students in special education. Dr. Lech and Ms. Budeau shared the needs for LRE-C/LRE-D facilities and the challenges created with a lack of these LRE settings. Dr. Lech also shared a white paper to legislators that included enhancement funding opportunities for mental and behavioral health along with a corresponding bill draft. Dr. Lech and Dr. Larson led discussion related to board norms. Each board member will review the existing norms and, if desired, make suggestions on improvements to fit the current board and send them to Dr. Lech. Dr. Lech will review the suggestions and draft new norms that will be subject to board approval in the coming months. Dr. Lech reviewed process for strategic planning and facilitiated guided questions for board members around the district’s current strategic plan. The groups shared feedback and directed Dr. Lech to create a timeline for the review and update of the Strategic Plan by the annual meeting in July, 2023. Dr. Lech presented on a budget activity called, Budget Hold ‘Em, which guides stakeholders through a process to identify student achievement enhancements within budget targets. With no further items to discuss, the Jamestown School Board’s retreat adjourned at 8:15 PM. (March 11, 2023) 202639