JAMESTOWN PUBLIC SCHOOL Regular Meeting Official Minutes School board meeting on Monday, March 20, 2023 at 5:15 pm in the Thompson Community room at the Middle School, 203 2nd Ave SE, Jamestown, ND. Present: Mrs. Heidi Larson, President, Dan Tweten, Vice President, Jamie Bear, Melissa Gleason, Diane Hanson, Gayle Nelson, Aaron Roberts, Jason Rohr, Steve Veldkamp, Robert Lech, Superintendent, and Business Manager, Kristi Grounds. Guests: Gradin Thorlakson, Brooke Wickens, Will Nelson. President Larson called the meeting to order and welcomed the audience, Jamie Bear, new board member, Jason Linz, Bluejay Channel and Amy Neustel, Administrative Assistant. Mrs. Nelson moved, seconded by Mrs. Hanson to approve the consent agenda which consisted of March 6, 2023 regular board meeting minutes, payment of bills, pledged securities and March 7, 2023 James River Career and Technology Center Advisory meeting minutes. Roll call with unanimous “yes” vote. Motion carried. Mr. Will Nelson, Student Council President reported the council will hold a blood drive on April 5th. April 15th will be the election of new officers for student council for the following school year. Mr. Veldkamp arrived at 5:23 pm. Students, Gradin Thorlackson and Brooke Wickens with Mr. Adam Gehlhar, High School Principal, reported on the Summit of Success. The Summit of Success was held March 15th and 16th. The summit was brought forth from January 31st events regarding racism, diversity and respect. The goals of the summit are leadership, humanity, belonging, and gratitude. The first day was presenters to bring forth things for students to think through for change. The second day was generating solutions through student voice. A solution is to continue doing the summit and move ahead with changes. Approximately 50 students attended the summit. The solutions will be combined and presented to the board in the future. The mission is to celebrate diversity. Superintendent Lech reported Mrs. Reed has agreed to come in and assist teaching for the remainder of the school year in the place of the resignation of Amy Tarno. Superintendent Lech reported negotiations brings forth a clerical memo to clear up small changes all at once. One example is the pay for drivers for activity vehicles. The task force committee looked over leave policies and decided the sick leave bank policies needed more definition to give clarity to employees and review committee. Other changes to the policy procedure will be to move it to online and response time changed to within 10 days. Superintendent Lech reported Roosevelt Principal interviews will be done tomorrow, March 21. Employment profile was used to narrow the list of interviews. Once that position is completed, they will move to the High School Assistant Principal. Superintendent Lech reported legislative bills: 1187 passed to offer a bonus to reassign staff within the district to a different position. The board would decide on the bonus, and 1532 sending funding to private schools from public school funding dollars. Those dollars would not require private schools to be audited like public schools are. An amendment was added to have the community vote on a choice because it would be local dollars instead of state dollars. Mr. Tweten moved, seconded by Mrs. Nelson to approve the sale of depreciated asset, computer, to Michelle Zuther. Roll call with unanimous “yes” vote. Motion carried. Mr. Veldkamp moved, seconded by Mr. Roberts to approve the 2023- summer school fee and schedule. Roll call with unanimous “yes” vote. Motion carried. Mrs. Grounds presented the general fund balance sheet to board members to review. Mr. Roberts moved, seconded by Mrs. Nelson to approve the monthly financials. Roll call with unanimous “yes” vote. Motion carried. Mrs. Nelson moved, seconded by Mr. Tweten to approve the hire of Michelle Reed, Business Teacher at the High School for the remaining 2022-2023 school year at BA/BS+16 with a salary of $23,675.93. Roll call with unanimous “yes” vote. Motion carried. Mrs. Gleason moved, seconded by Mrs. Hanson to approve the resignations of Brittany Chandler, special education strategist at the high school; Sydney Brunmeier, math teacher at the high school; Andrew Roorda, machining teacher at the James Valley Career and Technology Center, Christina Beardsley, reading and life skills teacher at the middle school at the conclusion of the 2022-2023 school year and resignation of 2022-2023 extended contracts for Bill Nelson, Sydney Brunmeier, Kimberly Carpenter, Andrew Fitzgerald, Thomas Maus, Leigh Meier, Denise Wood, Hannah Lloyd, Shane Ede, Cody Mickelson and Bob Thoreson. Roll call with unanimous “yes” vote. Motion carried. Mr. Roberts moved, seconded by Mrs. Hanson to approve the amended ACE Violent and Threating Behavior Policy. Roll call with unanimous “yes” vote. Motion carried. No further business, President Larson adjourned the meeting. 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