JAMESTOWN SCHOOL BOARD Regular Meeting Official Minutes School board members: Mrs. Larson, Mrs. Nelson, Mrs. Gleason, Robert Lech, Superintendent, Mr. Wegner did a facility tour of Louis L’Amour and Washington Elementary with their Principals. School board meeting on Monday, September 19, 2022 at 5:15 pm in the Thompson Community room in the Middle School. Present: Mrs. Larson, President, Mr. Tweten, Vice President, Diane Hanson, Gayle Nelson, Jason Rohr, Steve Veldkamp, Robert Lech, Superintendent and Sally Ost, Business Manager. Absent were Roger Haut and Aaron Roberts. Guests: Mr. Darby Heinert and Will Nelson. President Larson called the meeting to order and welcomed the audience, Jason Linz, Bluejay Channel and Amy Neustel, Administrative Assistant. Mrs. Nelson moved, seconded by Mr. Veldkamp to approve the consent agenda which consisted of September 6, 2022 regular school board minutes, September 12, 2022 facility committee minutes, payment of bills, pledged securities, 2022-2023 enrollment, student follow up class of 2022 and home education report. Roll call with unanimous “yes” vote. Motion carried. Will Nelson, Student Council President, reported on homecoming events. The council contacted businesses to donate towards the purchase of a t-shirt for each high school student for homecoming. They ordered 801 t-shirts and 15 businesses sponsored those shirts. The council did need to ask for students to participate on the council this year. Mr. Darby Heinert, Career and Technology Center Assistant Principal, reported on the grant that was awarded to the Career and Technology Center. The state is waiting for the federal funds to be released for the grant. There is discussion of asking the state to assist with the funds until the federal funds are released so projects can begin. The grant projects that are planned here are an addition for construction course to have more space and also house Emergency Medical Services for the city of Jamestown, an expansion to the transition house to do a professional kitchen, include a greenhouse and make other areas more ADA compliant for students to be able to attend courses at the Career and Technology Center. Superintendent Lech reported the board retreat is set for January 9th and would like board members to contact him with topic items to address during the retreat. Superintendent Lech reported the school compliance is on the agenda for approval. There are individual compliance reports per building which is done by the principals and a overall approval for the district done by Dr. Lech. Superintendent Lech reported staff members have commented on how nice it is to see pictures of the progress on the school facility projects on the agenda. Superintendent Lech reported there are several change orders for Gussner Elementary facility project due to some unforeseen items. Superintendent Lech reported a preconstruction meeting was held on the Lincoln parking lot project which is tentatively set to be completed October 8th. Strata will do their best to work around the school schedule and Mrs. Schmidt will be sure to be doing communication with parents through our parent link program. Superintendent Lech reported on the facility tour schedule. Superintendent Lech reported the budget hearing will begin at 6 pm. The board will need to stop the regular meeting, go into the hearing and return to the regular meeting once the hearing is complete. The public notice states the time and we are required to be available for questions from the public. The hearing is required to be completed prior to formal approval of the budget which will be done at the October 3, 2022 meeting. Superintendent Lech reported on the medical marijuana policy which helps clarify with other drug and medication policies. This will ensure compliance to ND Century Code. Superintendent Lech reported on a enrollment and facilities task force committee to engage community discussion on future plans for Jamestown Public Schools. The time frame is to begin with an input meeting in October and then bring a recommendation to the board in April. Mrs. Nelson moved, seconded by Mrs. Hanson to approve change order #10 for Gussner Elementary facility project. The change is additional work on acoustical ceiling in the amount of $1,905.51. Roll call with unanimous “yes” vote. Motion carried. Mrs. Gleason moved, seconded by Mrs. Nelson to approve change order #11 for Gussner Elementary facility project. The change is a CUH control in Area C in the amount of $9,101.86. Roll call with unanimous “yes” vote. Motion carried. Mr. Rohr moved, seconded by Mr. Nelson to approve change order #12 for Gussner Elementary facility project. The change is concrete work on sidewalk and parking lot in the amount of $7,727.91. roll call with unanimous “yes” vote. Motion carried. Mrs. Gleason moved, seconded by Mrs. Nelson to approve change order #13 for Gussner Elementary facility project. The change is to finish work that Hillerud Construction was asked to complete in the amount of $564.00. Roll call with unanimous “yes” vote. Motion carried. Mrs. Gleason moved, seconded by Mr. Rohr to approve change order #14 for Gussner Elementary facility project. The change is for additional fire alarm devices for 2 classrooms. Roll call with unanimous “yes” vote. Motion carried. Mrs. Ost, Business Manager shared the general fund balance sheet with board members. Mrs. Nelson moved, seconded by Mr. Veldkamp approved the monthly financial reports. Roll call with unanimous “yes” vote. Motion carried. Mr. Rohr moved, seconded by Mrs. Hanson to approve the budget revision for 2022-2023 school year. The Choice Ready grant funds for the Career and Technology Center was added. Roll call with unanimous “yes” vote. Motion carried. Budget Revisions - September 2022 JAMES VALLEY CAREER & TECHNOLOGY CENTER Program Current Budget Budget Change Revised Budget Choice Ready $0.00 $20,000.00 $20,000.00 Deadline for Choice Ready Grant Submission is September 22, 2022 Current James Valley Budget $1,313,670.35 Total Revision Amount $20,000.00 Revised Budget $1,333,670.35 Mrs. Hanson moved, seconded by Mrs. Nelson to approve the 2022-2023 transportation agreement with St. John’s Academy in the amount of $12,527.25. Roll call with unanimous “yes” vote. Motion carried. Mrs. Ost, Business Manager shared the formula for determining tuition agreements with board members. Mrs. Nelson moved, seconded by Mrs. Gleason to approve the extended contract for Bob Thoreson for an additional section of building/construction for semester 1 at a salary of $5,952.92. Roll call with unanimous “yes” vote. Motion carried. Mrs. Nelson moved, seconded by Mr. Tweten to approve the first reading of policy ACBF Medical Marijuana. Roll call with unanimous “yes” vote. Motion carried. Mrs. Gleason moved, seconded by Mrs. Nelson to approve the tuition agreements for a 1st grade Jamestown student to attend Montpelier Public School and 2 – 11th grade Barnes County North Students to attend Jamestown Public School for the 2022-2023 school year. Roll call with unanimous “yes” vote. Motion carried. Mrs. Gleason moved, seconded by Mr. Rohr to approve the submission of the LEA annual compliance report. Roll call with unanimous “yes” vote. Motion carried. Superintendent Lech began the Public Budget Hearing at 6:00 pm. President Larson reminded members to do the monthly superintendent evaluation and adjournment links. Mrs. Hanson informed the Superintendent problems with the adjournment link. No further business, President Larson adjourned the meeting.. GENERAL FUND ACCENT WORKPLACE 28,279.00 AMAZON.COM 3,848.09 ANDERSON, LUKE 30.00 ANNE CARLSEN CNTR 52,421.96 ARMITAGE, MICHAEL 74.75 ART AND LEARN 399.42 ASSOCIATED SUPPLY 32.80 AT & T MOBILITY 303.21 BACKGROUND INVSTGTN BUR 399.00 BEYOND THE BLOOMS 40.00 BROWN, LEANNA 125.00 BUFFALO CITY DIESEL 1,695.33 CENTRAL REGIONAL ED ASSOC 750.00 CENTRAL VALLEY HEALTH 4,300.00 CITY OF JAMESTOWN 4,145.27 COLE PAPERS 5,870.85 CONNELL, JUSTIN 30.00 CONWAY, JOHN 30.00 COUNTRY GARDENS 32.00 CRICUT 101.30 CURRICULUM THAT MATTERS 1,399.90 DACOTAH PAPER 3,550.87 DAKOTA CENTRAL 2,710.31 DAKOTA DUST TEX 710.00 DAKOTA RAIN LAWN 2,561.55 DAKOTA RENTAL 399.98 DELTA MATH SOLUTIONS 145.00 DELZER, EDDY 30.00 DIDIER, DONALD 30.00 DIETRICH BUS 18,039.22 DUNN, STEVE 13,200.00 ESSENTIAL ELEMENTS MUSIC 780.00 FARMERS UNION COOP 16.32 FRANKLIN COVEY 143.76 GALLUP ORGANIZATION 175.89 GEHLHAR, ADAM 30.00 GRATEFUL PLATE 170.00 HARTY INSURANCE 106.00 HAWKINS 2,377.30 HEGGERTY PHONEMIC AWARENESS 1,316.80 HEGLAND, JOSEPH 30.00 HEMMER, TANYA 288.75 HIGH PLAINS WATER TRTMNT 20.00 HILLERUD CONSTRUC 145.00 HOME OF ECONOMY 93.49 HW WILSON PRODUCT LINE 435.20 ILLUMINATE ED 11,875.00 INFORMATION TECH DEPT 735.00 INNOVATIVE OFFICE 4,372.13 INSIGHT INVESTMENTS 104,283.47 IXL LEARNING INC 14,327.00 JAMES RIVER SPECIAL ED 28,566.73 JAMES RIVER TRANSIT 37.50 JAMES VALLEY MULTI DIST 339.98 JMSTN FINE ARTS ASSOC 26,500.00 JMSTN PLUMBING 21.70 JMSTN PUBLIC SCHOOL 1,500,000.00 JMSTN SUN 4,417.88 JAYMAR BUSINESS FORMS 576.38 JOHNSON CONTROLS 946.90 JONNY B’S BRICKHOUSE 231.34 JOURNEYED.COM 2,500.00 JUNG, JENNIFER 30.00 JW PEPPER 53.25 KAMI 3,000.00 KRUEGER, LISA 19.88 LEAF 2,745.00 LECH, ROBERT 30.00 LUX, AMANDA 30.00 MAC’S INC 56.93 MAIER, NATHAN 68.00 MARCO TECHNOLOGIES 2,145.40 MARENEM INC 120.99 MASTER TEACHER 2,360.00 MATHALICIOUS 959.98 MENARDS 139.70 MICHAELSON, NATHAN 30.00 MN VALLEY TESTING LABS 80.36 MONTANA DAKOTA UTLTS 3,168.83 N2Y LLC 640.46 ND ATTORNEY GENERAL 230.25 ND COUNCIL ED LEADERS 13,850.00 ND DEPT OF ENVIRONMENT QUALITY 210.00 ND SCHOOL BOARDS ASSOC 1,750.00 ND SAFETY COUNCIL 1,951.83 OSLUND, ANDREW 105.69 OST, SALLY 30.00 OTTERTAIL POWER 20,476.61 PEARCE DURICK 795.00 PERFECTION LEARNING 108.96 PETTYS, QUENTIN 82.63 PINGREE BUCHANAN SCHOOL 22,587.81 PITNEY BOWES GLOBAL FNNCL 180.00 PITNEY BOWES 1,000.00 PLANBOOK EDU 230.00 QUIZNOS SUB 260.00 RAMKOTA HOTEL 109.99 RECORD KEEPERS 105.76 RECYCLING CENTER 539.00 RINGERUD PIANO 523.00 SAGE PUBLICATIONS 1,500.00 SAHR, MIAH 8.28 SAM’S CLUB 11.82 SAVVAS LEARNING 43,461.53 SCHMIDT, SHERRY 290.00 SCHOLASTIC 6,130.90 SCHOOL DATEBOOKS 2,414.19 SCHOOL MATE 1,776.00 SCHOOL SPECIALTY 82.74 SCHOOLMINT 500.00 SCOTTS ELECTRIC 84.00 SECRETARY OF STATE 10.00 SENOR WOOLY 150.00 SMITH, PATRICIA 30.00 SOLUTIONS BEHAVIORAL HEALTHCARE 312.50 STILWELL, MARK 30.00 STUTSMAN COUNTY GLASS 48.00 SUBSCRIPTION SERVICES 89.00 SURVEYMONKEY 372.00 TDS METROCOM 39.83 THEMES & VARIATIONS 656.06 TOTTINGHAM, MONA 3,655.60 TRAVEL GUARD GROUP 119.67 TWO RIVERS PRINTING 631.00 UNITED AIRLINES 1,841.10 UNIVERSITY OF JMSTN 9,750.00 VALLEY PLAINS EQUIP 26.35 VILLAGE FAMILY SERVICE 14,090.00 WALMART COMMUNITY 1,580.83 WEGNER, JEROME 30.00 WEX HEALTH 166.95 WORKFORCE SAFETY & INS 60,776.54 WORLD BOOK INC 1,220.71 WRIGHT EXPRESS FLEET 459.50 Fund Total: 2,084,694.74 BUILDING FUND COLE PAPERSC 15,971.42 CONSOLIDATED CONSTRUC 1,115,267.59 CUMMINS SALES 3,284.50 DAKOTA SWEEPING 3,438.00 HILLERUD CONSTRUC 3,731.42 HORSLEY SPECIALTIES 24,433.25 HOUSE OF GLASS 21,784.00 JLG ARCHITECTS 7,434.00 JOHNSON CONTROLS 5,205.98 SUMMIT COMPANIES 5,565.26 Fund Total: 1,206,115.42 STUDENT ACTIVITY ADAMS, MORGAN 3.00 ALLARD TROPHY 132.00 ARMITAGE, SHERRI 51.00 BAYMONT INN 86.40 BECKER, NICHOLAS 125.50 BLUE STAR DRY CLEANING 1,002.58 BOEHM, SHASTITY 9.38 BSN SPORTS 2,036.28 CARRINGTON SCHOOL 325.00 CASHWISE 23.94 CENTRAL CASS HIGH SCHOOL 100.00 CRABTREE GROFF, KRISTEN 60.00 CSTAND 440.00 DAHLBERG, PAUL 608.50 DAKOTA CENTRAL 59.95 DEAVER, BRIAN 298.75 DIETRICH BUS 6,177.70 DOKARA, AMEL 247.25 DOLLAR TREE STORES 30.00 DONS HOUSE OF FLOWERS 305.40 ECKROTH MUSIC 1,414.03 EDGELEY PUBLIC SCHOOLS 150.00 EMBASSY SUITES BY HILTON 1,133.80 EVERSPRING INN 449.70 GAME ONE 1,603.36 GERRELLS SPORTS 6,710.00 GRAND FORKS SCHOOL 150.00 GRB INVESTMENTS 424.15 GUN & REEL SPORTS 84.00 HAGLUND, BRET 323.25 HARTY, THOMAS 89.50 HARTZE, STEVEN 136.00 HATTIE MAE DESIGNS 350.00 HEGERLE, GRACE 320.00 HORN’S CUSTOM CREATIONS 1,254.00 HUGO’S #9 173.27 HUYNH, DOWNEY 252.00 ILIFF, TRACY 35.00 JMSTN PARKS & REC 29,800.00 JOSEPH, AMY 156.72 JOSEPH, SAMUELU 70.00 JOSTENS 2,109.00 JW PEPPER 1,063.44 LYNX BOX OFFICE 700.00 MAKE MUSIC 3,535.51 MASON, DENA 322.50 MAYNARD, PAIGE 216.00 MEDCO SUPPLY 529.08 MEDEX SUPPLY 279.95 MENARDS 1,247.71 METRO AREA TOURNAMENT COM 225.00 MOSER, MEGAN 200.00 MOTTER, AARON 89.50 MOTUBA, DIOMO 259.75 NATIONAL ASSOCIATION 385.00 ND COUNCIL EDUC LEADERS 645.00 ND HIGH SCHOOL COACH ASSN 120.00 NDACS 450.00 NDHSAA 50.00 NDSAA 105.00 NEIS SERVICES 14,989.20 NEWMAN SIGNS 69.79 NFHS NETWORK 175.00 NHS/NASSP 667.10 NOLD, BRADLEY 89.50 OLSON, PAUL 140.00 ORRIGINALS 4,725.00 PARADISO 34.97 PIT STOP SPORTS 288.40 PIZZA RANCH 145.92 POPPLERS MUSIC 68.90 RAAP, CATLYN 494.25 REPAK, ZIJAD 519.50 ROALDSON, JAMES 30.00 ROUGHRIDER SIGNS 10.00 ROWMAN & LITTLEFIELD PBLSHNG 44.00 SABANOVIC, KEMAL 269.25 SALU, PHILIP 139.00 SAM’S CLUB 67.04 SCHOLASTIC INC 41.93 SCHWAN’S COMPANY 141.91 SCHWARTZENBERGER, MORGAN 204.75 SERIOUS SIPS 553.19 SHERMAN, LOGAN 288.00 SOCCER.COM 352.60 TDS METROCOM 1.49 THIELGES, BRETT 238.00 TRAINING ROOM 206.77 TWO RIVERS PRINTING 123.00 UNISON BANK 6,548.00 VALLEY MEAT SUPPLY 287.52 VALLEYFAIR 633.59 WAGNER, KEVIN 241.50 WAHPETON SCHOOL 150.00 WALKER, KEVIN 118.00 WALMART COMMUNITY 774.61 WEATHERLY, MICHAEL 179.00 WEBER, JUSTIN 126.50 WELLS FARGO 3,300.00 WILLEY’S SEPTIC 700.00 WORKMAN, ANDREW 89.50 WRIGHT EXPRESS FLEET 722.59 Fund Total: 108,723.12 HEALTH INSURANCE MEDALLUS 9,591.45 Fund Total: 9,591.45 SCHOOL LUNCH ARAMARK 879.00 COCA COLA 1,036.00 CULINEX 100.60 DACOTAH PAPER 2,322.17 DAKOTA CENTRAL 274.20 EARTHGRAINS BAKING 922.53 EAST SIDE JERSEY DAIRY 3,466.96 EXPRESSWAY SUITES 518.40 GRIM, MARY 125.00 HUGO’S #9 51.95 ND ATTORNEY GENERAL 52.50 ND DEPT OF PUBLIC INSTRUC 8,162.67 RUSSELL, JACKIE 125.00 SCHMIDT, DANIELLE 104.30 SCHULTZ, JAN 125.00 SCOTT ELECTRIC 0.00 SCOTTS ELECTRIC 84.00 SP & E INC 10,153.96 SUMMIT COMPANIES 315.00 SYSCO NORTH DAKOTA 33,290.93 TDS METROCOM 0.09 WALL, CINDY 125.00 WALMART COMMUNITY 165.03 WARKENTHIEN, DARA 168.50 Fund Total: 62,568.79 JAMES VALLEY CAREER AND TECHNICAL CENTER AMAZON.COM 222.97 BACKGROUND INVESTIGATION BUR 17.50 CABLE SERVICES 102.58 CENTRAL BUSINESS SYSTEMS 406.50 CHRISTENSEN, LAURIE 184.50 CITY OF JAMESTOWN 189.34 COMFORT SUITES 345.60 DAKOTA CENTRAL 217.63 DAKOTA DUST TEX 49.00 EDE, SHANE 181.00 EVERSPRING INN 518.40 EXPRESSWAY SUITES 518.40 GEHLHAR, ADAM 375.00 HARTY INSURANCE 491.00 HEINERT, DARBY 242.50 IRON MOUNTAIN 109.04 JETSTREAM CAR WASH 117.84 KLINE, DAVID 348.00 KUBAT, KEVIN 205.50 LINDE GAS 69.63 LLOYD, HANNAH 195.00 MAC’S INC 15.99 MAIN STAY SUITES 105.20 MENARDS 438.42 MONTANA DAKOTA UTLTS 583.12 NAPA AUTO PARTS 399.00 ND ATTORNEY GENERAL 26.25 ND FFA ASSOC 25.00 NORD, ALLISON 240.50 OLSON, TERESA 205.50 OTTERTAIL POWER 2,503.97 RADISSON HOTEL 345.60 RAMKOTA HOTEL 172.80 REALITYWORKS 2,996.85 RECYCLING CENTER 70.00 ROORDA, ANDREW 323.50 SOULIS, MICHAEL 205.50 STAMPS.COM 76.26 SUMMIT COMPANIES 723.99 TARNO, AMY 205.50 THORESON, ROBERT 212.50 WAAGEN, JERRY 144.31 WALMART COMMUNITY 110.83 Fund Total: 15,237.52 (Nov. 2, 2022) 117756