JAMESTOWN SCHOOL BOARD Regular Meeting Official Minutes School board members: Mrs. Larson, Mrs. Hanson, Mr. Tweten, Mr. Roberts, Mrs. Nelson, Mr. Veldkamp, Robert Lech, Superintendent, Mr. Wegner, Mr. Gehlhar, and Mr Heinert did a facility tour of Career and Technology Center and the new High School addition. School board meeting on Monday, November 21, 2022 at 5:15 pm in the Media room at the High School. Present: Mrs. Larson, President, Mr. Tweten, Vice President, Diane Hanson, Gayle Nelson, Aaron Roberts, Steve Veldkamp, Robert Lech, Superintendent. Melissa Gleason by phone. Roger Haut and Jason Rohr absent. Guests: Joe Hegland, Adam Gehlhar, Will Nelson and Jordan Montgomery. President Larson called the meeting to order and welcomed the audience, Jason Linz, Blue Jay Channel, and Amy Neustel, Administrative Assistant. Mr. Roberts requested 2021-2022 Superintendent’ Annual Report be removed from the consent agenda for discussion. Mr. Tweten moved, seconded by Mr. Veldkamp to approve the consent agenda which consisted of November 7, 2022 regular meeting minutes, payment of bills, and pledged securities. Roll call with unanimous “yes” vote. Motion carried. Mr. Roberts asked the board to consider direction for this report to include curriculum and analysis of state assessment information. Other board members agreed to learning more on how curriculum and assessments works together. Superintendent Lech reported the report is a requirement of ND Century Code, 15.1-09-35. There are strategic plan and District improvement teams that report goals. Superintendent Lech reported ND Century Code 15.1-21- 02 has instructions on course units for students and how we work to have options for students to fit those needed units. The Superintendent’s Annual report is what the district has done and we can look over doing changes for the future. Mrs. Nelson moved, seconded by Mr. Tweten to approve the 2021-2022 Superintendent’s Annual Report. Roll call with unanimous “yes” vote. Motion carried. Mr. Will Nelson, President of Student Council, reported they created JHS votes. This event informed students of their rights to vote and how voting works. A bus was provided to 12 students who wanted to vote. The council also had a district wide food drive for our community. They had 11 car loads to support this need in Jamestown. They also had a blood drive with approximately 40 participants. Mr. Adam Gehlhar, High School Principal and Officer Scott Geiszler, SRO, reported on the search and seizure process. The district has a policy for searching students in place. A search can be done with reasonable suspension. A search of a student is empty pockets and removal of shoes. No pat downs by Administrators. A student who is getting searched has an employee of same sex of student and an administrator during the search. Vehicles in the parking lot can be done by a visual search which can give reasonable suspension to search the vehicle. Administrators ask student to unlock car, they can refuse. Administrators will than contact law enforcement and parents of student’s vehicle. Lockers can be searched with no permission. The school does have trained dogs upon availability to search for specific substance. Interview of students are required to have parents present. Officer Geiszler had the right to pat down students or arrest if there is a threat of safety. Officer Geiszler tries to do interviews at the school and not the police department. Officer Geiszler works hard at building relationships with students by being visible and communicating with them. He does also monitor elementary schools at drop off times to watch for safety concerns. Superintendent Lech reported on the robotics agreement is the same as the esports agreement we did earlier. This agreement will help support this activity. Superintendent Lech reported on the interview for Business Manager position. Mr. Tweten and Mrs. Nelson are the board members who the president has appointed to this team. Dr. Lech has contacted JEA to have a teacher on the interview team, along with a central office personal, an administrator and Dr. Lech. Dr. Lech will prepare the profile and questions for the interview. Superintendent Lech reported he has been in discussion with a human resource consultant. The consultant would guide us on the job responsibilities and potential training to make this a more efficient process to transition to a human resource generalist. Superintendent Lech reported the enrollment and facility task force is meeting tomorrow and will move from the enrollment discussion to the facilities review. Superintendent Lech reported the resignation of Lori Mecklenberg was a possibility at the time of hire. We are thankful for Mrs. Mecklenberg assisting us doing her time here. Superintendent Lech reported on the 3 class basketball concept recommendation that was taken to the activity association. The association would have to decide on the request and that would be brought to the board here to decide. Schools are generally agnostic to the proposals. Mrs. Nelson moved, seconded by Mr. Roberts to approve the memorandum of understanding with James Valley Robotics Association for the 2022-2023 school year in the amount of $5,000. Roll call with unanimous “yes” vote. Motion carried. Mr. Joe Helgand, Curriculum and Professional Development Director, reported on the Cognia review. The District Cognia review was due this fall. Cognia contacted us this past spring to move our review to fall of 2024-2025 school year. Accreditation has been on a cycle when a new standard is happening. There are 30 new standards with 4 new categories. With the new review cycle, we will be working on the standards they will be reviewing. The data collected will be reviewed and Cognia has submission of pieces of our data in 3 areas they will review. Mr. Roberts moved, seconded by Mrs. Nelson to approve the 2022-2023 budget revisions. Budget Revisions November 2022 Program CLSD Grant Current Budget $369,321.95 Budget Change $23,475.09 Revised Budget $392,797.04 Title II Line Items only Total Current Budget $369,321.95 Budget Change $23,475.09 Revised Budget 392,797.04 Current General Fund Budget $37,505,336.38 General Fund Budget Revision $23,475.09 Revised General Fund Fund $37,528,811.47 Board members received the general fund balance sheet as informational. Mrs. Nelson moved, seconded by Mr. Tweten to approve the monthly financial report. Roll call with unanimous “yes” vote. Motion carried. Mr. Roberts moved, seconded by Mrs. Nelson to approve the resignation of Lori Mecklenberg on January 13, 2023. Roll call with unanimous “yes” vote. Motion carried. No further business, President Larson adjourned the meeting. GENERAL FUND ABDO-SPOTLIGHT 521.80 ACCENT WORKPLACE 7,349.00 ALBRECHT, ANN 730.50 AMAZON.COM 3,590.88 AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOC. 105.00 AMERICAN HEART ASSOC 641.13 ANDERSON, LUKE 30.00 ANNE CARLSEN CNTR 175,451.05 APPLE INC 7.96 ARMITAGE, MICHAEL 258.00 AT & T MOBILITY 738.00 BACKGROUND INVSTGTN BUR 180.00 BADGEPASS 3,400.00 BAYMONT INN 259.20 BLICK ART MATERIALS 2,463.08 BUDS BLOOMS 42.50 CASHWISE 116.64 CENTRAL RGNL EDUC ASSOC 1,085.60 CENTRAL VALLEY HEALTH 8,770.00 CITY OF JAMESTOWN 9,249.57 COLE PAPERS 3,483.52 CONNECT TELETHERAPY 34,088.34 CONNELL, JUSTIN 30.00 CONWAY, JOHN 30.00 COUNTRY INN 359.71 DACOTAH PAPER 223.77 DAKOTA BOYS&GIRLS RANCH 1,325.00 DAKOTA CENTRAL 2,710.31 DAKOTA RAIN LAWN 190.00 DELTA MATH SLTNS 0.00 DELZER, EDDY 30.00 DEMCO INC 840.78 DIANE ALBER ART 52.38 DIDIER, DONALD 30.00 DIETRICH BUS 64,843.46 DOMINO’S PIZZA 50.34 DUNN, STEVE 24,208.54 DUVEN, SARAH 1,511.75 DUVEN, TROY 316.00 ECKROTH MUSIC 727.79 EDUCATION.COM 119.88 FARGO PUBLIC SCHOOLS 648.00 FARMERS UNION COOP 1,230.40 FITNESS FINDERS 199.95 FLINN SCIENTIFIC 252.45 FOLLETT CONTENT SLTNS 2,066.00 FORUM 194.36 FOSSEN, LYNN 52.50 GEHLHAR, ADAM 297.50 GENERATION GENIUS 125.00 GRATEFUL PLATE 180.00 GRAYBAR ELECTRIC 2,782.07 HAMPTON INN 259.20 HARTY INSURANCE 50.00 HAWKINS 1,042.95 HEGGERTY PHONEMIC 388.16 HEGLAND, JOSEPH 30.00 HEINERT, DARBY 160.00 HEMMER, TANYA 498.75 HIGH PLAINS WATER 120.00 HIRSCHKORN, LEVI 31.88 HOFFER, LISA 161.75 HORN, ANJANETTE 295.50 HUGO’S #9 18.96 HW WILSON PRODUCT LINE 472.00 INFORMATION TECH DEPT 735.00 INNOVATIVE OFFICE SLTNS 3,750.98 INTERSTATE ALL BATTERY 56.70 JAMES RIVER SENIOR CITIZENS 132.75 JAMES RIVER SPECIAL ED 91,307.63 JAMES RIVER TRANSIT 545.00 JAMES VALLEY MULTI 220,178.08 JMSTN PLUMBING 1,489.11 JMSTN PUBLIC SCHOOL 2,513,240.00 JMSTN PUBLIC SCHOOL 116.53 JMSTN SUN 2,584.00 JO-ANN STORES 124.51 JOHNSON CONTROLS 1,517.66 JOSTENS INC 12.40 JUNG, JENNIFER 30.00 KOROPATNICKI, ABIGAIL 35.00 KRUEGER, LISA 57.50 LEAF 2,745.00 LECH, ROBERT 30.00 MAIER, NATHAN 49.38 MARCO TECHNOLOGIES 2,145.40 MECKLENBERG, LORI 130.00 MENARDS 328.59 MICHAELSON, NATHAN 30.00 MICKELSON, CODY 71.26 MN VALLEY TESTING LABS 160.72 MONSON, PAUL 125.00 MONTANA DAKOTA UTLTS 7,497.28 ND ATTORNEY GENERAL 157.50 ND COUNCIL EDUC LEADERS 550.00 ND DEPT OF ENVRNENT QLIY 270.00 ND SMALL ORGANIZED SCHOOLS 450.00 NEWMAN, JENNA 35.00 OSLUND, ANDREW 85.44 OST, SALLY 30.00 OTTERTAIL POWER 30,652.06 PERFECTION LEARNING CORP 636.55 PETTYS, QUENTIN 62.69 PITNEY BOWES 1,000.00 PRASEK, MICHELLE 174.00 QUAVERED 2,240.00 QUIZNOS SUB 205.00 RADISSON HOTEL 271.80 RAINBOW GAS 4,051.87 RECORD KEEPERS 52.88 RECYCLING CENTER 539.00 SAHR, MIAH 3.50 SANFORD HEALTH EMS ED 1,109.50 SCHERBENSKE 6,895.00 SCHMIDT, LONNA 1,067.68 SCHMIDT, SHERRY 30.00 SCHMITT MUSIC 72.00 SCHOLASTIC 1,636.30 SCHOOL SPECIALTY 592.88 SCREENCAST-O-MATIC 624.00 SECRETARY OF STATE 36.00 SHI INTERNATIONAL CORP 20,100.00 SMITH, PATRICIA 30.00 SLTNS BEHAVIORAL HEALTHCARE 26,185.00 STAPLES CREDIT PLAN 242.42 STEINS INC 216.38 STILWELL, MARK 30.00 STUTSMAN COUNTY GLASS 67.92 SUPERINTENDENT OF DOC. 1,499.95 TDS METROCOM 140.96 TEACHERSPAYTEACHERS.COM 148.19 TESSMAN COMPANY 726.20 TOTTINGHAM, MONA 5,061.60 TREVITHICK, CASSIDY 285.00 TRUMBAUER, JEFF 420.50 TWO RIVERS PRINTING 181.00 VILLAGE FAMILY SERVICE 10,834.00 VOYAGER SOPRIS LEARNING 6,470.20 WALMART COMMUNITY 1,865.11 WARD, KASSANDRA 24.75 WEGNER, JEROME 30.00 WELDER, SCOTI 1,453.68 WEX HEALTH INC 168.30 WRIGHT EXPRESS FLEET 784.24 WW GRAINGER INC 169.16 Fund Total: 3,341,609.55 BUILDING FUND CONSOLIDATED CONSTRUCTION 589,912.43 HARTY INSURANCE 6,648.00 JLG ARCHITECTS 7,434.01 LINDBERG BROTHERS 88,987.75 OTIS ELEVATOR CO 500.00 Fund Total: 693,482.19 STUDENT ACTIVITY 3X GEAR LLC 637.00 ALDANA, GILBERTO 500.00 AMAZON.COM 1,400.31 B & H PHOTO & VIDEO 3,089.84 BAYMONT INN 259.20 BELIEVE KIDS 7,989.80 BOEHM, SHASTITY 16.88 BSN SPORTS LLC 6,647.55 BULK BOOKSTORE 1,735.30 CENTURY HIGH SCHOOL 180.00 COOK, PAMELA 236.00 DAKOTA CENTRAL 59.95 DAKOTA TROPHY 28.00 DEFENSE SOAP 359.99 DIETRICH BUS 12,559.05 DOLLAR TREE 26.00 DRAMANOTEBOOK.COM 9.95 ECKROTH MUSIC 261.18 FORMAL FASHIONS 1,225.16 GANGE, BRANDON 70.00 GERRELLS SPORTS 1,990.00 GREAT PLAINS FOOD BANK 251.51 HARTY, JAMES 89.50 HARTY, THOMAS 89.50 HEGERLE, SARA 290.50 HENDERSON, CASEY 89.50 HISTORIC PRODUCTIONS 1,000.00 HOLIDAY INN EXPRESS 864.00 ILIFF, TRACY 35.00 INNOVATIVE OFFICE SLTNS 70.44 JAMES VALLEY MULTI DIST 140.00 JMSTN GYMNASTICS CLUB 10,000.00 JMSTN INFLATABLE GAMES 350.00 JMSWN PUBLIC SCHOOL 80.00 JMSTN PUBLIC SCHOOL 808.38 JW PEPPER & SON 288.75 LA CARRETA MEXICAN 53.75 MANDAN HIGH SCHOOL 180.00 MENARDS 141.86 MERRIAM, MOLLIE 210.00 MINOT STATE UNIV. 50.00 ND HIGH SCHOOL COACH ASSN 180.00 NDSAA 105.00 NEIS SERVICES 9,610.80 NESS, JOHN 178.50 NEWMAN SIGNS 294.56 NFHS NETWORK 35.00 NOLD, BRADLEY 89.50 ORIENTAL TRADING 311.32 ORRIGINALS 13,773.00 POPPLERS MUSIC 667.78 PORTER, FAITH 231.00 RALPH ENGELSTAD ARENA 1,080.00 ROALDSON, JAMES 30.00 SUPER 8 FARGO 259.80 TDS METROCOM 4.13 TRACKWRESTLING 302.00 TWO RIVERS PRINTING 536.00 TYR SPORT, INC 229.05 UNIVERSITY OF JMSTN 1,709.50 WALMART COMMUNITY 491.74 WORKMAN, ANDREW 89.50 WRIGHT EXPRESS FLEET 148.10 Fund Total: 84,720.13 HEALTH INSURANCE HAYS COMPANIES 3,204.00 Fund Total: 3,204.00 JAMESTOWN DOLLARS FOR SCHOLARS DOLLYWOOD FOUNDATION 1,308.80 JMSTN PUBLIC SCHOOL 262.05 TWO RIVERS PRINTING 169.85 Fund Total: 1,740.70 SCHOOL LUNCH ARAMARK 1,853.84 BERNATELLO’S FOODS 390.60 CITY OF JMSTN 1,946.00 COCA COLA 1,800.00 CULINEX 18,223.44 DACOTAH PAPER 4,211.25 DAKOTA CENTRAL 274.20 DICK, LEE 726.20 EARTHGRAINS BAKING 2,123.50 EAST SIDE JERSEY DAIRY 9,039.38 GENERAL PARTS 1,277.18 HASKELL, JACKIE 17.65 INNOVATIVE OFFICE SLTNS 229.00 JMSTN PLUMBING 3,917.83 KALIS, CODY 40.00 ND ATTORNEY GENERAL 26.25 ND DEPT OF PUBLIC INSTRUCTION 31,416.68 PAPA MURPHYS 3,863.80 STEINS INC 2,417.92 SYSCO 37,701.37 TDS METROCOM 10.93 WALL, CINDY 37.50 WILLIAMS, YANA 68.00 Fund Total: 121,612.52 JAMES VALLEY CAREER AND TECHNICAL CENTER ACME TOOLS 710.00 ACTE 115.00 AMAZON.COM 887.70 ASE 644.00 BEULAH PUBLIC SCHOOL 1,719.84 C.W. PUBLICATIONS 239.00 CABLE SERVICESC 102.58 CENTRAL BUSINESS SYSTEMS 315.00 CITY OF JAMESTOWN 1,002.34 COLE PAPERS 401.72 DACOTAH PAPER 102.80 DAKOTA CENTRAL 217.63 DAKOTA DUST TEX 49.50 DOMINO’S PIZZA 39.74 GACKLE-STREETER PUBLIC SCHOOL, 2,161.50 GRB INVESTMENTS 45.59 HEINERT, DARBY 60.00 HUGO’S #9 50.34 INFINITY BUILDING 37.28 JETSTREAM CAR WASH 167.36 JONNY B’S BRICKHOUSE 42.00 KLINE, DAVID 142.50 LAPTOPSCREEN.COM 73.00 LINDE GAS 14,172.49 LUCKY’S 13 112.28 MENARDS 3,620.87 MONTANA DAKOTA UTLTS 2,272.35 NAPA AUTO PARTS 848.36 NORD, ALLISON 454.94 OREILLY AUTO PARTS 700.08 OTTERTAIL POWER 2,632.78 RAMKOTA HOTEL 86.40 RECYCLING CENTER 35.00 ROORDA, ANDREW 142.50 SAFTEY KLEEN 378.13 SKILLS USA ND 175.00 STAMPS.COM 17.99 TDS METROCOM 3.43 VALLEY CITY STATE UNIV 1,833.36 WAAGEN, JERRY 18.14 WALMART COMMUNITY 948.43 Fund Total: 37,778.95 (Jan 4, 2023) 144957