JAMESTOWN SCHOOL BOARD Special Meeting Official Minutes School Board special meeting on Wednesday, December 28, 2022 at 12:00 pm in the District Office conference room, 207 2nd Ave SE, Jamestown, ND. Present: Heidi Larson, President, Dan Tweten, Vice President, Melissa Gleason, Gayle Nelson, Aaron Roberts, Diane Hanson, Jason Rohr, and Superintendent, Robert Lech and Business Manager Sally Ost. Absent were Roger Haut and Steve Veldkamp. President Larson called the meeting to order Dan Tweten moved, seconded by Aaron Roberts to approve the furniture bid in the amount of $158,690.00 to Accent Environment. Roll call with unanimous “yes” vote. Motion carried. Dr. Lech reviewed the hiring process for the Business Manager position with the board and brought forth for the board to consider increasing the salary range for the position to $99,000.00. Jason Rohr moved, seconded by Gayle Nelson to approve the hire of Kristi Grounds as Business Manager at a salary of $90,000.00. Aaron Roberts moved, seconded by Dan Tweten to amend the motion to authorize negotiations on salary up to $99,000.00. After board discussion, Jason Rohr called for question on the amended motion. Roll call vote for the amended motion was Melissa Gleason, no: Diane Hanson, no: Heidi Larson, yes; Jason Rohr, no; Gayle Nelson, no; Dan Tweten, no; Aaron Roberts, yes. Motion failed 5-2. Roll call vote on original motion to offer Kristi Grounds $90,000.00 was Diane Hanson, yes; Heidi Larson, no; Jason Rohr, yes; Gayle Nelson, yes; Dan Tweten, yes; Aaron Roberts, yes; Melissa Gleason, yes. Motion passes 6-1. Jason Rohr moved seconded by Diane Hanson to approve the hire of Molly Fritz, Kindergarten Teacher at Louis L’Amour Elementary beginning January 3, 2023 for a prorated salary of $25,060.38. Contract contingent on receipt of licensure. Roll call with unanimous “yes” vote. Motion carried. No further business, President Larson adjourned the meeting. (Feb. 15, 2023) 193773