NOTICE TO CONSTRUCTION MANAGERS AT RISK PROJECT: Pingree-Buchanan Public School District Elementary School Addition and Remodel Buchanan, ND OWNER: Pingree-Buchanan Public School District 111 Lincoln Avenue Pingree, North Dakota 58476 To best deliver the most complete and comprehensive School Project, P-B School Building Committee is seeking Construction Manager at Risk services as per the North Dakota Century Code 48-01.2. Final project approval is subject to Committee authorization. The project consists of the following components: • An addition of approximately 9,400 SF, located at the south side of the current elementary school building, along with incidental remodeling of some existing spaces. • Developing a parent pick-up / drop-off with visitor parking at the south side of the new addition. • The estimated preliminary construction budget is $4,200,000. A separate budget is being held for design fees, Owner costs, and FF&E. To obtain the RFQ package containing the detailed description of the Scope of CM Agency services, Anticipated Schedule, Submittal Requirements, Selection Criteria and Procedure for Submission of the Qualifications, please contact: The Office of Zerr Berg Architects 510 4th Avenue N, Fargo, North Dakota, 701-280-0187 Attn: Ashley Demers, Office Manager ( or Larry Carcoana AIA, Associate Architect ( CM Qualifications are due no later than February 3, 2023 (Jan. 18 & 21, 2023) 160889