Official Proceedings of the Stutsman Cou

Official Proceedings of the Stutsman County Commission – September 20, 2022. At 3:30 p.m., Chairman Klose called the regular meeting of the Stutsman County Commission to order. Dennis Ova, Joan Morris, Ramone Gumke, and Mark Klose answered the roll call. Steve Cichos was present via telephone. James Hodgson, Buchanan, presented concerns about the City of Buchanan and special assessments. He claims he does not get garbage collection service, septic tank clean out or road maintenance at his property. He requests that the interest and special assessments be removed from his property taxes and that he be paid for the road that he put in. No action was taken by the commission as the matter is between Hodgson and the city of Buchanan. Mike Vetter, City Council Member from Buchanan, was present and stated that there are public meetings in the city of Buchanan on the second Monday of every month, at the Buchanan Elementary School at 6:30 p.m., and that the doors and the meetings are open to the public. Dustin Krueger, Soil Conservation District presented an update on current projects. They have been doing more work within the city of Jamestown including planting perennials and grasses. They have also been focusing more on the education of youth and are working with the state hospital to try to put in an arboretum and possibly a walking path to showcase some of the trees that they offer. He will return in January to give another update. Corry Shevlin, JSDC, presented a SEPA loan request to pay off a loan associated with Northern Plains Electric Coop., which has $150,940 remaining. The county share is $15,094. This loan payoff is needed in order to get a loan for the expansion of the railway for the Green Bison Soy Processing project. The loan will still be paid as it has been, but the payments will be made to the JSDC, not to Rural Development. A motion was made by Cichos to approve the request, seconded by Gumke. Roll call vote: Cichos, Klose, Morris, Ova and Gumke voted aye. Motion carried. Shevlin also presented the 2023 Jamestown Tourism fund request in an amount of $50,000 more than the total of $75,000 requested in previous years. Searle Swedlund, former Executive Director of Jamestown Tourism, attended the meeting via telephone and explained to the commission that the money would be used for marketing, not for an additional employee. The hope is to be able to hire someone who has a specific audience following and invite them to Jamestown at a cost of between $5,000 to $10,000 to spend time in the community, create videos and share them with their audience. Emily Bivens, Executive Director of the Chamber of Commerce stated the money is for tourism not for the chamber and for marketing dollars not a marketing employee. The employee will be paid for between the partnership. A motion to approve was made by Gumke, seconded by Morris. Roll call vote: Cichos, Klose, Morris, Ova and Gumke voted aye. Motion carried. Jim Wentland, Road Superintendent, presented a request for out of state travel for a road conference in Rapid City, SD. The conference is October 17 through the 20, and he would attend with employees of Interstate Engineering. A motion to approve was made by Morris, seconded by Ova. Motion carried. Wentland also requested approval to purchase a used turning lathe from Dan Poland in the amount of $2,500. He has funds to cover the request in the tool account. A motion to approve was made by Ova, seconded by Gumke. Roll call vote: Cichos, Klose, Morris, Ova and Gumke voted aye. Motion carried. Wentland asked Randy Hoovestol from RDO Equipment to attend the meeting. Hoovestol wanted to inform the commission there will be large cost increases by the end of the month on equipment scheduled for purchase. He also presented some information regarding a cooperative purchasing venture, but that it would need to be signed by the end of the month. No action was taken by the commission. Chad Jackson, Jail Administrator, requested approval for out of state travel for himself and two other staff to attend the TurnKey user conference in River Falls, WI. A motion to approve was made by Ova, seconded by Morris. Motion carried. Jessica Alonge, Auditor/COO, presented the appointment of the ND State Fair delegate. The annual meeting is November 16th in Minot at 1:00 p.m. Morris was the delegate last year and agreed to be the delegate again this year. Alonge presented the 2023 final budget review. Mill levy calculations were presented including the 4% COLA and 2% Step increase that was approved at the August 23 meeting. The total mill levy would 74.81 mills. She also ran the numbers with a 6% COLA and 2% Step increase because there has been a lot of staff presenting concerns during the past few meetings. The proposed increases for the Sheriff and States Attorney positions are still included in the preliminary budget and mill levy worksheets. Gumke feels they should look into moving forward with those increases since the staff salaries have been increased and there is now a compression issue within those departments. Cichos thought the Sheriff and States Attorney increases were to be removed since the Chief Deputy was increased to where they thought it needed to be. He is in favor of doing a salary study for the entire county. Gumke agrees a county wide survey is a good idea, but then if they agree to not make the changes associated with the study they will just be right back where they are now. Shannon Larson, Human Resource Director, has reached out to a company that does these surveys nationwide and she and Alonge will be meeting with them next week. Chad Kaiser, Sheriff, stated that there is already compression and he would like to see a 2 grade increase for the department heads like the other staff in the department. It was decided to adjust the departments’ 2023 budget amounts and to add the funds in the general fund budget for the salary study fees. Alonge presented a list of absentee poll workers consisting of auditor’s office employees. Department heads will be inspector/judge/clerk and regular office staff will be judge/clerk for absentee voting. A motion to appoint absentee poll workers was made by Morris, seconded by Ova. Motion carried. At 4:50 p.m., the Commission recessed for the County Park Board meeting. Official Proceedings of the Stutsman County Park Board – September 20, 2022 At 4:50 p.m., Chairman Klose called the regular meeting of the Stutsman County Park Board to order. Joan Morris, Ramone Gumke, Mark Klose, Dennis Ova, Steven Cichos (via phone), and Robert Martin were present. Merri Mooridian was absent. Ben Steinolfson, Dakota Central Telecommunications presented a plan for running fiber optics to Hondo’s Hideaway and to see if the county is interested in having the service for the park building or campground. The first quarter mile of fiber is free. Karl Bergh, Park Superintendent would like to have actual internet service at his office. Currently Bergh is using a jetpack for his internet connection. He also feels it would be a perk for people in the campground. Steinolfson stated that the service can be utilized on a seasonal basis. A motion was made by Gumke to allow Dakota Central to trench the fiber into the campground bathhouse and the county shop and let Alonge decide what data plan to use, seconded by Ova. Morris also requested a quote for campground Wi-Fi for next summer. Roll call vote: Cichos, Klose, Morris, Ova, Gumke and Martin voted aye. Motion carried. Lucas Dockter, Hondo’s Hideaway presented his winter plans. Hondo’s will try to stay open year-round, changing days of operation to Thursday through Sunday and adding in a breakfast menu. Dockter is requesting to add diagonal parking to the opposite side of the road creating about twelve spots. The project would require some fill. Morris questioned who will be paying for the parking lot and the snow removal. She requested a quote for the cost of the parking lot. She would like to have Wentland involved in the project because he will be the one doing the snow removal. Cichos stated that they may also need to look at drainage issues. At 5:10 p.m. Commissioner Gumke left the meeting. Martin questioned whether the septic system would be an issue over the winter months. Bergh stated that he will need to keep the pumper truck parked in the heated shop and dump at the lagoon through the winter months. Bergh requested that the weekend of October 1 be approved for free camping by county employees. A motion to approve was made by Morris, seconded by Martin. Motion carried. Bergh received the quote for the double boat ramp. The quote is $38,000, with Game & Fish paying $30,000, Dakota Anglers $5,000, Stutsman County Wildlife $2,500 and up to $5,000 from the county. Bergh will need to come up with the final percentages. Cichos mentioned that if there was extra fill from removing the current ramp, they would be able to use it for the parking lot project. A motion to approve the bills as presented was made by Martin, seconded by Ova. Roll call vote: Cichos, Klose, Morris, Ova and Martin voted aye. Motion carried. County Park Fund CENTRAL SALES $35.85; COLE PAPERS INC $272.45; CREATIVE ENERGY $2,756.60; FARMERS UNION OIL CO-CENEX $10.00; GAHNER SANITATION SERVICE $1,050.00; INNOVATIVE OFFICE SOLUTIONS, LLC $113.56; MOSZER, MARK $50.00; NORTHERN PLAINS ELECTRIC $1,500.00; WEST END HIDE & FUR $20.67; At 5:19 p.m. a motion was made by Morris to adjourn the park board meeting, seconded by Cichos. Motion carried. At 5:19 p.m., the Commission meeting was called back to order. A motion was made by Morris to approve the taxable meals and mid-month bills, seconded by Ova. Roll call vote: Cichos, Klose, Ova, and Morris voted aye. Motion carried. General Revenue Fund, A & B BUSINESS INC $169.34; BALCO UNIFORM CO INC $67.75; BROPHY, DOREEN $38.30; CENTRAL BUSINESS SYSTEMS INC $4,205.81; CENTURYLINK $1,498.71; CREATIVE ENERGY $221.25; DACOTAH PAPER CO $570.84; DAKOTA BUSINESS SOLUTIONS $431.99; DAKOTA CENTRAL TELECOMM $641.67; DAKOTA MAILING $887.00; DALSTED & RYAN P C $693.50; DAVIS, SHANNON $124.38; EDDY FUNERAL HOME $300.00; ELECTION SYSTEMS & SOFTWARE $749.09; FARMERS UNION OIL CO-CENEX $60.19; FORUM COMMUNICATIONS COMPANY $1,067.34; HANSON TIRE SERVICE $1,257.53; INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY DEPARTMENT $313.70; INNOVATIVE OFFICE SOLUTIONS, LLC $99.95; INSURE FORWARD -$86.00; J & L SERVICE $690.48; JOHNSON MD,LARRY E $6,213.88; KRUEGER,NANCY $120.00; LANGUAGE LINE SERVICES $75.00; MARQUART,ANDREW S $972.00; MATTHEW BENDER & CO INC $96.31; MCGILVREY, MAUREEN $75.00; MCGILVREY, MAUREEN $10.50; MITYLITE INC $385.95; MONSON, TRACY $136.88; NAPA AUTO PARTS-SHERIFF $10.98; ND DOCR $150.00; NEBRASKA DMV- DRIVER & VEHICLE RECORDS $7.50; NORTHERN PLAINS ELECTRIC COOPERATIVE $140.00; OTTER TAIL POWER CO $12,193.51; PERLEBERG,TYLER $125.00; PERLEBERG,TYLER $105.00; PERLEBERG,TYLER $12.50; PHARMCHEM INC $7,303.55; PRESORT PLUS $4,970.73; QUADIENT FINANCE USA, INC. – AUD $1,000.00; QUADIENT, INC. $133.50; RAMADA BISMARCK HOTEL $259.20; RECORD KEEPERS $99.00; REDWOOD BIOTECH INC $5.46; SANFORD HEALTHCARE ACCESSORIES LLC $94.90; SC CORRECTIONS $1,661.75; SCHAFFER, DIANNE $60.00; SCHERBENSKE INC. $20.00; SCOTT’S ELECTRIC LLC $255.60; SKRAMSTAD, RONDA $140.00; SUMMIT FIRE PROTECTION $678.50; SUMMIT FOOD SERVICE, LLC $8,271.57; TDS METROCOM $193.03; TDS METROCOM - SS $114.43; THOMSON REUTERS $435.38; TWO RIVERS PRINTING $141.00; E 911 Phone System Fund, CENTRAL BUSINESS SYSTEMS INC $1,948.75; DAKOTA CENTRAL TELECOMM $219.12; DAKOTA CENTRAL TELECOMMUNICATIONS $277.00; TDS METROCOM $1.59; County Roads Fund, ARAMARK $310.11; BORDER STATES PAVING INC $1,594.78; BUFFALO CITY DIESEL $18.68; BUTLER MACHINERY CO $1,213.00; CITY OF STREEETER $76.75; CLEVELAND CITY WATER & SEWER $101.70; CREATIVE ENERGY $4,234.86; DAKOTA CENTRAL TELECOMM $172.89; DMC WEAR PARTS LLC $125.00; FACTORY MOTOR PARTS CO $606.19; FASTENAL CO $474.72; HARRINGTON, LEVI $25.00; HIGH PLAINS WATER $66.00; INLAND TRUCK PARTS CO $13.09; INSURE FORWARD $585.00; KRAMLICH MICHAEL $298.75; KRAMLICH, MYRON $85.00; LINDE GAS & EQUIPMENT $167.30; MDU $112.17; MEDINA CITY AUDITOR $89.75; NAPA AUTO PARTS $326.93; NORTHERN PLAINS ELECTRIC COOPERATIVE $61.00; NORTHWEST TIRE INC $245.38; OTTER TAIL POWER CO $95.23; PRODUCTIVITY PLUS ACCOUNT $410.20; RM STOUDT INC $73.43; SANFORD HEALTH OCCUPATIONAL MEDICINE $49.00; SIGN SOLUTIONS USA $132.38; STREETER COOP OIL $2,933.00; TDS METROCOM - RD $1.99; TOWE, JEREMY W $56.25; WOODWORTH FARMERS GRAIN CO $4,262.39; Weed Control Fund, D & B PORTABLES LLC $145.00; DAKOTA CENTRAL TELECOMM $56.01; MENARDS - JAMESTOWN WEED $242.50; NAPA AUTO PARTS-WEED $242.14; NUTRIEN AG SOLUTIONS, INC $30,096.00; OTTER TAIL POWER CO $52.67; RANDY’S AUTO EXPRESS $1,471.87; STUTSMAN CO ROAD DEPT $170.20; Veterans Service Fund, CENTRAL BUSINESS SYSTEMS INC $2,014.00; CENTURYLINK $16.02; TDS METROCOM $2.73; County Agent Fund, CENTRAL BUSINESS SYSTEMS INC $515.63; DAKOTA CENTRAL TELECOMM $484.63; ECOLAB PEST ELIMINATION DIV $126.70; HIGH PLAINS WATER $10.00; IOWA STATE UNIVERSITY $50.00; RECYCLING CENTER OF NORTH DAKOTA, LLC $30.00; Human Service Zone Fund Total $7,990.74; Commissary Fund, CHARM-TEX, INC. $226.80; TURNKEY CORRECTIONS $340.86; Drug Program Fund Total $215.68; CENTURYLINK $48.05; VERIZON WIRELESS $167.63; FEMA, SCHERBENSKE INC. $167,890.31; Wages, Friday, September 23, 2022 $703,394.53; At 5:20 p.m., a motion was made by Morris to adjourn the commission meeting, seconded by Ova. Motion carried. ATTEST: Jessica Alonge Auditor/COO Mark T. Klose (Oct. 15, 2022) 111319