Official Proceedings of the Stutsman Cou

Official Proceedings of the Stutsman County Commission – March 15, 2022 At 3:30 p.m., Chairman Klose called the regular meeting of the Stutsman County Commission to order. Dennis Ova, Joan Morris, Steve Cichos (via phone) and Mark Klose answered the roll call. Romone Gumke was absent. Searle Swedlund, Jamestown Tourism requested 2022 agency funds for Fort Seward. A motion was made by Cichos to approve, seconded by Ova. Ova, Morris, Cichos, and Klose voted aye. Motion carried. Paul Halko, Arrowood National Wildlife Refuge Manager, requested a motion of support to purchase adjacent land to Arrowood National Wildlife Refuge. The land is located in the W1/2 of section 29 township 144 range 64 and 315.46 acres. Kent & Shery Florhaug, owners of the land next to the refuge, approached Halko and asked if the refuge would be interested in purchasing this land. Halko explained the process of acquisition for this land and that they are currently at the step of getting a non-binding motion of support from the commissioners. Chuck Bosch, Reality Specialist at U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services, stated that since Fish and Wildlife Services are exempt from land taxes, they will offset those missing taxes by setting up a County trust payment. This is a onetime payment to the County with the intent to be invested in a secure account and interest generated will make up the difference between the county tax and the Refuge Revenue Sharing payment. Halko is interested in this property because it has very high wildlife habitat quality, the wetlands are large, it is located next to the Refuge. The area would be purchased with duck stamp dollars, be seeded back to diverse native seeding mix. it would be open to public for hunting, hiking, and photography. The topic was tabled until the next Commission meeting. At 4:04 p.m., Ramone Gumke joined the meeting via phone. Jim Fettig, Maintenance Supervisor provided a demonstration on how the maintenance department accesses their heat pumps online through Trane. He explained how it is beneficial to the County to continue contracting with Trane and have online access. Mark Attleson, LEC Maintenance supervisor requested the approval to purchase three new heat pumps. The cost would be $23,500 for all three pumps, and this cost includes installation. A motion was made by Ova, seconded by Morris. Morris, Cichos, Klose, Gumke, Ova voted aye. Motion carried. Mickey Nenow, Highway Supervisor presented gravel crushing bids. There were seven bids and two did not have the correct paperwork. The lowest bid was Wm.D. Scepaniak, Inc. at $3.15 per cubic yd. Nenow plans to use the maximum budget he has for the crushing. A motion was made by Cichos, seconded Ova. Cichos, Klose, Gumke, Ova, and Morris voted aye. Motion Carried. Nenow presented bids for the NDDOT Stockyard Bridge Project. There were two bids. The lowest bid was Industrial Builders Inc. for $734,693.20. A motion was made by Morris, seconded by Gumke. Klose, Gumke, Ova, Morris, Cichos voted aye. Motion carried. Chad Kaiser, Sheriff gave an update on the building project. Darin Peterka and Mike May with Interstate Engineering are willing to help design the building, and if an architect is needed, they will line that up as well. Cost of the plans will be around $6,000 to $12,000. Funding for this project would be used with ARPA money. A motion was made by Gumke to proceed with building project and plans, seconded by Ova. Gumke, Ova, Morris, Cichos, and Klose voted aye. Motion carried. Jessica Alonge, Auditor/COO presented the established polling locations for the 2022 Primary and General Elections. The Stutsman County Courthouse will be the location for the Absentee and Early Voters for the primary and general election, and the Jamestown Civic Center the vote center for the primary and general elections. There has been a request to reopen a polling location in Medina. Alonge and the Secretary of State requested to keep rural precincts closed because of staffing issues and the threat of voter fraud due to possible poor internet connection at the location. Cost per vote in 2018 was around $10.23 in Medina, and the cost and time is not worth to keep them open. Mitch Gunderson, Medina City Commissioner, stated he had a list of twenty-five volunteers who would be willing to drive and work at the polling location. Gunderson’s main concern was for the elderly citizens in Medina who might not be able to make it all the way to Jamestown. He also said older citizens do not trust voting by mail. Alonge responded that those who cannot drive can use absentee ballots with clear instructions that any judges at a polling center would give. Absentee Voters could authorize someone to help them as well if they need help. Donna Dikoff, Medina resident, states that her older siblings did not understand how to vote in 2020 and wishes they had a polling precinct open again to prevent confusion. David Deutscher, Medina resident, states that older people are not tech savvy and do not understand other ways of voting other than the typical ballots on election day. A motion was made by Gumke to reopen medina precinct along with the other three precincts, seconded by Ova. Josh Smaage, IT Director, said the Medina City Hall is not hard wired for internet and would suggest choosing a different location. Commissioner Gumke suggested contacting the Medina school and seeing if it would be a better fit. Gunderson stated he will check on locations to see which would be best suited for the polling location. Gumke withdrew his motion. A motion to approve the Absentee, Early Vote, and Vote Center for both the primary and general elections was made by Morris, seconded by Gumke. Motion carried. Alonge requested to charge $40.00 for voter information requests. The Secretary of State charges $40.00 for any voter requests. Voter information requests take employees an extensive amount of time to complete. A motion was made by Cichos to approve, seconded by Ova. Motion carried. Alonge presented the 2021 Fiscal Report. Morris questioned a net increase in the park fund. This was from 2021 cabin sales reimbursement of previous expenses in 2019 and 2020. Morris also confirmed that the American Recuse Plan will be getting another two million. Morris asked about the $425,000 in Cares Act Fund. This will be transferred to general fund in the 2022 budget. Alonge presented LEC Governing Board appointment for Jerry Bergquist. A motion was made by Morris, seconded by Cichos. Motion carried. At 5:04 p.m., the Commission meeting recessed for the Park Board meeting Official Proceedings of the Stutsman County Park Board – March 15, 2022 At 5:05 p.m., Chairman Klose called the regular meeting of the Stutsman County Park Board to order. Dennis Ova, Ramone Gumke (via phone), Joan Morris, Steven Cichos, Mark Klose, and Merri Mooridian (via phone) were present. Bob Martin was absent. Jessica Alonge, Auditor/COO requested permission to advertise for Full-Time Seasonal Park Maintenance/Equipment Operator position. A motion was made by Ova to approve the request, seconded Cichos. Motion carried. Alonge requested permission to advertise for the Parkhurst Campground Host. A motion was made by Cichos to approve the request, seconded by Mooridian. Motion carried. Alonge requested the approval of the Pipestem Dock grant agreement. The Army Corps said they will pay one-third and Dakota Anglers will approve their portion at their next meeting. The cost will be $561.70 per entity. The County will pay the full amount, and then be reimbursed by Dakota Anglers and the Army Corps. A Motion was made by Morris to approve, seconded by Ova. Mooridian, Ova, Morris, Cichos, Klose, Gumke voted aye. Motion carried. Chad Kaiser, Sheriff will be applying for a Game and Fish grant application for boat safety. It will be $5,000.00, then will be matched with another $5,000.00. The boat ramps were torn out at Pelican Point, and Sheriff Kaiser would like to try and use the grant money to put a concreate pad down or a portable ramp. A motion was made by Gumke to approve the mid-month bills, seconded by Ova. Ova, Morris, Cichos, Klose, Gumke, and Mooridian voted aye. Motion carried. County Park Fund, DAKOTA VALLEY ELECTRIC $8.00; LINDE GAS & EQUIPMENT $66.32; NORTHERN PLAINS ELECTRIC COOPERATIVE $294.10; STUTSMAN RURAL WATER DISTRICT $3,600.00 At 5:13 p.m., Cichos made motion to adjourn the park board meeting, seconded by Ova. Motion carried. At 5:13 p.m., the Commission meeting was called back to order. Cichos questioned a Radisson bill from October 2021. Cichos made motion to approve the taxable meals and mid-month bills, seconded by Morris. Morris, Cichos, Klose, Gumke, and Ova. Motion carried. General Revenue Fund A & B BUSINESS INC $313.47; ATTORNEY GENERAL OFFICE-1250 $4,703.00; BEAR, TINA $145.00; BEHAVIORAL INTERVENTIONS $403.20; BISCHOFF, MARLENE $975.60; BOB BARKER CO $264.95; CAPITAL ONE TRADE CREDIT $14.99; CDW GOVERNMENT INC $221.94; CENTRAL BUSINESS SYSTEMS INC $122.38; CENTURYLINK $1,135.77; CHARM-TEX, INC. $390.90; COLE PAPERS INC $304.35; COUNTY OF GRAND FORKS $150.00; CREATIVE ENERGY $144.14; DACOTAH PAPER CO $898.76; DAKOTA CENTRAL TELECOMM $641.67; DALSTED & RYAN P C $636.50; EDDY FUNERAL HOME $505.00; FARMERS UNION OIL CO-CENEX $40.04; FORUM COMMUNICATIONS COMPANY $2,516.96; GALLS, LLC $88.93; GENTER, COREY $364.00; GENTER, COREY $112.00; GRAYBAR $161.40; HANSON TIRE SERVICE $768.96; INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY DEPT $999.55; INNOVATIVE OFFICE SOLUTIONS, LLC $59.95; JACKSON, CHAD $28.00; JAMESTOWN AREA AMBULANCE $474.00; JAMESTOWN COMMUNITY CORRECTIONS $500.00; KRUEGER,NANCY $140.00; LANGUAGE LINE SERVICES $98.52; MARQUART,ANDREW S $108.00; MCLEAN FRAMES $181.30; MDU $746.93; MILLER, ABIGAIL $20.00; MULLINAX, BONNIE $815.78; ND DEPT OF ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY $80.00; NETCENTER TECHNOLOGIES $1,137.00; NORTHERN PLAINS ELECTRIC COOPERATIVE $263.86;NORTHWEST TIRE INC $733.78; OTIS ELEVATOR COMPANY $1,638.60; OTTER TAIL POWER CO $10,130.47; PHARMCHEM INC $880.60; PLUMBMASTER $646.72; PRESORT PLUS $771.66; QUADIENT FINANCE USA, INC. – AUD $2,000.00; RADISSON INN BISMARCK $1,209.60; RECORD KEEPERS $16.00; RM STOUDT INC $48.95; RUEDA-DELEON, RYAN $28.00; SC CORRECTIONS $1,357.00; SCHAFFER,DIANNE $60.00; SCHROEDER, LYNN $138.30; SMAAGE,JOSH $58.50; SMAAGE,JOSH $58.50; STAPLES BUSINESS CREDIT $64.36; STEIN’S INC $810.59; STREICHER’S $3,542.92; STUTSMAN CO CORRECTIONS $110.00; SUMMIT FOOD SERVICE, LLC $15,284.85; TDS METROCOM $207.20; THE TITLE TEAM $20.00; THOMSON REUTERS $435.38; THRIFTY DRUG-WHITE DRUG $358.47; TRANE U.S. INC $694.00; WARNER, CHAD $48.16; WARNER, CHAD $19.04; WARNER, CHAD $16.24; WARNER, CHAD $10.64; WARNER, CHAD $53.20; WARNER, CHAD $53.20; WARNER, CHAD $17.50; WARNER, CHAD $7.00; WELLS FARGO HOME MORTGAGE $39.81; WILHELM CHEVROLET BUICK GMC $256.29; ZUNICH, KARI $13.93; E 911 Phone System Fund, CDW GOVERNMENT INC $4,308.84; DAKOTA CENTRAL TELECOMM $222.41; DAKOTA CENTRAL TELECOMMUNICATIONS $281.16; INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY DEPT $4,993.49; KIRKING, ANDREW $163.80; QUALITY INN BISMARCK $86.40; TDS METROCOM $0.91; County Roads Fund, ARAMARK $228.15; BUFFALO CITY DIESEL $56.53; BUTLER MACHINERY CO $51.28; CAPITAL ONE TRADE CREDIT $786.73; CITY OF STREEETER $61.75; CLEVELAND CITY WATER & SEWER $100.70; CREATIVE ENERGY $1,436.75; DAKOTA CENTRAL TELECOMM $172.89; FORUM COMMUNICATIONS COMPANY $121.50; HIGH PLAINS WATER $48.00; JOHN DEERE FINANCIAL $67.10, KRAMLICH MICHAEL $404.24; KRAMLICH, MYRON $139.23; LINDE GAS & EQUIPMENT $483.70; MDU $2,063.02; MEDINA CITY AUDITOR – DD $88.75; MENARDS – JAMESTOWN $732.98; MONTPELIER CITY AUDITOR – DD $58.00; NAPA AUTO PARTS $477.79; NICKY’S SPARE TIME $70.00; NORTHERN PLAINS ELECTRIC COOPERATIVE $338.00; OTTER TAIL POWER CO $1,740.62; PRODUCTIVITY PLUS ACCOUNT $1,472.25; STREETER COOP OIL $2,323.20; SWANSTON EQUIPMENT CO $234.66; TDS METROCOM – RD $3.08; TITAN MACHINERY $6,586.22; TOWE, JEREMY W $236.93; VINING OIL CO $394.15; WEST END HIDE & FUR $146.60; Unorganized Township Roads Fund, STUTSMAN COUNTY TOWNSHIP OFFICERS ASSOC. $280.00; Historical Society, FORT SEWARD RECONSTRUCTION $6,551.00; Veterans Service Fund, CENTURYLINK $15.99; TDS METROCOM $1.53; County Agent Fund, CENTRAL BUSINESS SYSTEMS INC $385.19; DAKOTA CENTRAL TELECOMM $267.14; ECOLAB PEST ELIMINATION DIV $118.97; FORUM COMMUNICATIONS COMPANY $312.48; HIGH PLAINS WATER $18.00; INNOVATIVE OFFICE SOLUTIONS, LLC $103.95; R&H MAINTENANCE $400.00; RECYCLING CENTER OF NORTH DAKOTA, LLC $30.00; Human Service Zone Human Service Fund Total $5,439.44; Commissary Fund, TURNKEY CORRECTIONS $176.62; Drug Program Fund Total $30,828.38; Courthouse Building Fund, TRANE U.S. INC $18,900.00; Information Technology Capital Fund, HIGH POINT NETWORKS $3,525.00; Township Collections Fund, STUTSMAN COUNTY AUDITOR $4,000.00 At 5:14 p.m., Morris made a motion to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Ova. Motion carried. ATTEST: Jessica Alonge Auditor/COO Mark T. Klose Commission Chairman (May 11, 2022) 63279