Pingree-Buchanan Public School District

Pingree-Buchanan Public School District Buchanan, ND REQUEST FOR QUALIFICATIONS SUBMITTAL INSTRUCTIONS CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT at RISK SERVICES Buchanan Elementary School Addition and Remodel Buchanan, ND January, 2023 INTRODUCTION: To best deliver the most complete and comprehensive School Project, The Pingree-Buchanan Building Committee is seeking Construction Manager at Risk services as per the North Dakota Century Code 48-01.2. Final project approval is subject to Committee authorization. The project consists of the following components: • An Elementary School addition of approximately 9,400 SF, located at the south side of the current school building, along with incidental remodeling of the some of the existing spaces. • Developing a parent pick-up / drop-off area with visitor parking at the south side of the new addition. • The estimated preliminary construction budget is $4,200,000. A separate budget is being held for design fees, Owner costs, and FF&E. 1. SCOPE OF CM (at Risk) SERVICES: a. Provide preconstruction services to include design support and estimating throughout the design and construction document preparation phases of the project. b. Construction feasibility recommendations throughout the design phase. c. Provide input on project phasing and scheduling to allow for multiple phases as required by the project scope and continuous occupancy and operation of the existing building during the school year(s) impacted by the project. d. Contract terms will be based on AIA Document A133 2019, agreement between Owner and CMaR, complete with the ND Attorney General amendments. e. All sub-contractor services will be procured through a public advertisement and competitive bid selection process. Any self-performed work must also be bid within the framework of this process. Pingree-Buchanan Public School District reserves the right to approve any and all sub-contractors. f. The selected CMaR will provide all necessary insurance coverage for the complete project. 2. SUBMITTAL REQUIREMENTS: Pingree-Buchanan School Building Committee requests the following information be submitted within a 8.5 x 11 inch soft bound document for use in selecting a Construction Manager – at Risk. a. Format: i. Submittals should not exceed 20 printed pages, excluding the front and back covers and section dividers, and be within a soft bound document using 8.5” x 11” portrait format paper. b. Project Experience: i. Each firm shall supply project name, size, cost and schedule for a minimum of four comparable projects with emphasis on elementary and middle school projects. Reference information shall also be included. c. Current and Projected Workload: i. Indicate availability of key personnel, workforce, and consultants as it relates to project commitments and schedule. d. Sub-Contractors: • Services required from sub-contractors will be procured through a public advertisement and competitive bid selection process administrated and processed by the CM. The P-B School District reserves the right to approve any and all sub-contractors. Criteria for selection of the CMaR, based on Sub-Contractors, includes but is not limited to the following: 1. Number and quality of sub-contractors the CMaR will obtain locally. 2. The ability to demonstrate a positive working relationship with local sub-contractors (or other construction management services) including references from key mechanical and electrical contractors attesting to the ability of the CMaR to complete the project and coordinate the various aspects of the work. 3. Demonstrating an ability to forecast local bidding and construction conditions as it relates to sufficient work force and costs e. Ability of Key Personnel: i. Include qualifications of principal in charge, project manager, and on site superintendent. f. Company Safety Record: i. Please list the company’s safety record for the past five years. The safety record shall include contractor’s OSHA recordable incidence rate for each year and how on site safety is managed. g. Familiarity with location: i. Please show familiarity with local contractors and workforces in the area. h. Fees and expenses: i. List proposed fee structure and expenses for this project including fixed fee for preconstruction services, which will be incorporated into the overall project fee and the percentage fee for the overall project. ii. The percentage fee should include: 1. Wages or salaries of the CMaR’s administrative and supervisory personnel who are stationed at the site of the work. 2. Wages or salaries of the CMaR’s project management personnel. 3. Wages or salaries of the CMaR’s administrative and supervisory personnel who are engaged in workshops, visiting factories, or other similar work whereby personnel are travelling away from the CMaR’s principal office or work site. 4. All taxes, benefits (health and other), dues, insurance, contributions, assessments, pensions, holidays, and vacations. This does not apply to those CMaR employees who are self-performing construction of the project, but does apply to those supervisory and administrative personnel who are managing any self-performed work. 5. Bonuses, profit sharing, or any other discretionary payments made to either employees or subcontractors. 6. Costs for document productions, facsimile transmissions, telephone services (at jobsite or elsewhere), postage and/or parcel delivery, or any petty cash expenses. 7. Insurance premiums for insurance required by this project. 8. Expenses incurred by the CMaR for relocation and temporary living allowances for its employees stationed at the site of the work. iii. Each firm will provide a comprehensive summary of anticipated General Conditions cost per month of the duration of construction of the project. All CMaR costs not specifically noted in this summary will be assumed to be included in the percentage fee above. iv. Schedule of work to be self-performed (if any). i. Compliance with state and federal laws: i. Indicate in a statement about complying with state and federal laws. j. Insurance: i. Proof of ability to provide necessary insurance requirements as outlined in the contract. k. Procedure for Submission: i. Firms wishing to be considered shall submit (5) copies of the qualification materials no later than 2:00pm central time, Friday, February 3, 2023 at the office of: Amber Krapp, Superintendent: Pingree-Buchanan Public School District 111 Lincoln Avenue Pingree, ND, 58476 ii. The following represents the sequence of events contemplated for the selection procedure of a Construction Manager at Risk Qualifications Due on: February 3, 2023 Interviews for CM Services Week of February 6, 2023 Tentatively begin CM services March, 2023 Start Construction May, 2023 (Note: Pending Successful Completion of a Referendum). Construction(s) Complete January, 2024 l. The CMaR proposal shall include: i. A fixed fee for services during the Design Development phase of the project, including design/cost estimating and active participation in pre-referendum community meetings, working alongside the Building Committee and the Design Team until the conclusion of the Bond Referendum (projected during the spring of 2023). This fee to be credited against the CMaR fee on the project if the Bond Referendum is approved and the project moves forward. ii. A fee for all the CMaR work on the project based on a percentage of the Construction Cost, once it moves forward. 3. SELECTION CRITERIA a. A selection committee consisting of: Pingree-Buchanan School District administration members, Building Committee members, a licensed architect, a licensed engineer, and a licensed contractor, will be evaluating the RFQs. Selection will not be based solely on fee or pricing information. The Construction Manager at Risk will be awarded this project based on, but not limited to, the following criteria, each worth a certain number of points out of a maximum of 100 points obtainable: i. The firm’s compliance with state and federal law. (Required to Qualify) ii. The firm’s insurance documentation (Required to Qualify) iii. The firm’s willingness and ability to work in the school’s best interest by contributing to maximizing cost vs. value on the project and by hiring available local contractors through a competitive bidding process. (35) iv. The firm’s fees and expenses. (20) v. The firm’s key personnel experience on any similar project. (15) vi. The firm’s existing workload and available capacity. (10) vii. The firm’s safety record. (5) viii. The firm’s familiarity with the location of this project (5) ix. Responses to reference checks on the firm’s previous projects. (5) x. Other pertinent information that CMaR Contractor is able to provide (5) 4. A copy of the AIA A133-2019 document, is available upon request. (Jan. 18 & 21, 2023) 160901