REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL TO PERFORM PRELIMINARY AND DESIGN ENGINEERING March 18, 2023 FOR PROJECT: BRJ-0047(056) PCN 23974 Structure Replacement Stutsman County, ND PROPOSALS MUST BE DELIVERED TO JIM WENTLAND STUTSMAN COUNTY HIGHWAY DEPARTMENT 1508 4TH ST NW JAMESTOWN, ND 58401 BY 12:00 PM CENTRAL TIME APRIL 14TH, 2023 REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS TO PERFORM PRELIMINARY AND DESIGN ENGINEERING FOR STUTSMAN COUNTY Project Overview: Bridge #47-137-27.0 is scheduled for replacement on a; County Road accessing the island from East Lakeside Road, at the Jamestown Reservoir. The existing bridge was reconstructed in 1901 and is a single span steel truss structure with a corrugated steel and timber surface. Stutsman County is requesting the services of qualified engineering firms to perform environmental studies, preliminary and design engineering, and associated services to move this project to a bid letting. All services will be performed in accordance with NDDOT design procedures, and the project will be let through the NDDOT. Preliminary and Design Services: Perform Project Management, Project Administration, Field/Ground Surveying, Wetland and Cultural Surveys, Draft and Final DCE, Permitting, Preliminary and Final Construction Plan and Special Provisions, and Preliminary and Final Cost Estimates. Additional services, if required, may be negotiated and supplemental agreements issued based on the consultant’s performance, the consultant’s proposal, and available funding. The new bridge will be required to be load rated in accordance with the NDDOT Load Rating Manual and the load rating summary and ASSHTOWare BrR model submitted to NDDOT for approval. Firms are invited to submit a proposal for the project listed above. The proposals shall provide the following information: • Past Performance • Ability of professional personnel • Willingness to meet time and budget requirements • Office Location • Recent, current, and projected workloads of the persons and/or firms • Related experience on similar projects • Recent and current work for the County • Project understanding, issues, & approach The proposal pages shall be numbered and must be limited to 10 pages in length. Proposals that exceed the 10-page length requirement will not be considered. The cover letter will not be counted as one of the 10 pages. The proposal should list the personnel who will be assigned to work on the project, including titles, education, and work experience. Stutsman County will only consider proposals received prior to 12:00 PM CST, April 14th, 2023. Late proposals will be deemed unresponsive. The consultant’s proposal may include an appendix. Resumes, references, a statement of qualifications and other materials outlining experience may be included in an appendix. The appendix will not be considered as a part of the 10-page proposal. Each proposal will be evaluated by a selection committee. Stutsman County will conduct interviews. The County will interview up to three (3) of the most qualified engineering firms based on whose proposals most clearly meet the RFP requirements. Fees shall be negotiated with the successful firm. If the fee cannot be agreed upon, the County reserves the right to terminate negotiations, and then negotiate with the second and third ranked firms in order, if necessary, until a satisfactory contract has been negotiated. All costs associated with the proposal shall be borne by the proposer. The County reserves the right to reject any and/or all proposals and to not award contracts for any and/or all projects. Engineering firms interested in performing the work shall submit seven (7) hard bound copies and an electronic pdf file of their proposals to: Stutsman County Highway Superintendent 1508 4th St NW Jamestown, ND 58401 701‐252-9040 Title VI assures that no person or group of persons may, on the grounds of race, color, national origin, sex, age or disability, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be otherwise subjected to discrimination under any and all programs or activities administered by the Department. For information regarding the Title VI Program see the NDDOT website at: (March 18 & 25, 2023) 204137