SECTION 00 01 02 ADVERTISEMENT FOR BIDS Sealed Single Prime Bids for the City of Jamestown CIVIC CENTER BASKETBALL FLOORING REPLACEMENT, Jamestown, North Dakota will be received at the Offices of the City of Jamestown, herein called the “Owner”, located at 102 3rd Avenue NE, JAMESTOWN, ND 58401, until 1:30 P.M, Wednesday, May 17, 2023, at which time all qualified bids shall be publicly opened and read aloud in the City Commission Meeting Room, City of Jamestown. The Contract Documents may be examined at the following locations: The office of the City of Jamestown, Jamestown, North Dakota, the offices of Artekta Architects, and Builder’s Exchanges.PDF versions of the Contract Documents may be obtained by contacting the office of the Architect. The Scope of Work is the Contractor shall furnish all labor, materials, equipment, and tools necessary to supply and provide the initial installation of a portable basketball floor in good workmanlike and substantial manner and to the satisfaction of the Owner. Each bid will be submitted on the basis of a cash payment for work. It will be enclosed in a sealed envelope addressed to the above mentioned City Administrator, 102 Third Avenue Southeast, Jamestown, North Dakota 58401, and shall be designated that the bid is for “Civic Center Flooring Replacement.” The bid shall be accompanied by a Bidder’s Bond in a separate envelope in the amount of five percent (5%) of the full amount of the bid, executed by the Bidder as Principal and by a Surety Company authorized to do business in North Dakota. If the Principal’s bid is accepted by the OWNER and the contract awarded, the principal, within ten (10) days after the Notice of Award, will be required to execute and effect a contract in accordance with the terms of the principal’s bid and any requirements and conditions of the OWNER. Each Bidder shall submit in a second envelope the Bid form. Bid and Bid Bond must be executed by a principal. Signatures by other than a president, vice president, or CEO, must be accompanied by sufficient evidence (duly executed meeting minutes, resolution, power of attorney, etc.) to indicate that the signatory has the authority to bind the company or organization. All bids shall be contained in a sealed envelope plainly marked “Civic Center Flooring Replacement”. In addition, the Bidder shall place upon the exterior of said envelope the following information: a. The work covered by the bid. b. The name of the person, firm or corporation submitting the bid. c. Acknowledgement of each Addendum. d. Bid Bond in outside envelope. (Signed by Principle or authorized person with copy of authorization.) All bids shall be sealed, shall contain a bid deposit of the type specified above, and may be posted or filed with the City of Jamestown during normal office hours (8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.) or hand carried to the meeting prior to the scheduled bid opening as specified above. The envelope face shall clearly state Project Title, Bid Time/Date, and Contractor Information. Postal-delivered bids shall be the responsibility of the sender to ensure the sealed bid has been received. No Fax bids shall be accepted. The OWNER retains the right to reject any or all of the bids submit¬ted and to waive any informality in any bid and to hold all bids for a period not to exceed thirty (30) days from said date of opening and to hold the three low bids and bid securities for a period not to exceed sixty (60) days from said date of bid opening. The work on the improvements is to commence upon a date to be specified by the OWNER, notice of which will be given to the successful bidder ten (10) days in advance of the start of construction. The Contractor will be required to commence construction, and in an approved sequence, complete the project by October 1, 2023. The Owner reserves the right to reject any or all bids or to waive any irregularities or informalities in any bids or in the bidding. By order of the City Council Jamestown, North Dakota Sarah Helleckson, City Administrator Dated this 21st Day of April, 2023. (April 29; May 6 & 13, 2023) 218182