Meeting was called to order by Candyce W

Meeting was called to order by Candyce Wick with all members present. Minutes and treasurer’s reports were presented and approved as read. Candyce will be purchasing the laptop for the city. New business included discussion with Strom Sanitation. Pickup is the same as always unless the weather prevents a Tuesday pickup and then it will be on Thursday. Candyce will keep the residents informed on the Woodworth page of Facebook. Dumpground keys still need to be made. There will be a regular meeting on April 10th, and a tax equalization meeting on Wednesday, the 12th of April. The council will be working on next years budget at that time. Applications were received for the auditor’s position and the water departments job. Bills were read and motioned for approval by John Buskness and seconded by Darren Martin. Motion carried. Linda Clark, auditor (March 29, 2023) 208019