The June City Council Meeting was held on June 2, 2020 at 5:15 pm at the Streeter City Hall.

The June City Council Meeting was held on June 2, 2020 at 5:15 pm at the Streeter City Hall.
Aldermen present: Lloyd Veil, Bryan Spitzer, Audrey Ruff, Doug Wittmier
Mayor - Jeff Williams called the meeting to order.
Mickie Wentz attended the meeting to discuss the snow removal bill for Streeter Housing. The city had snow hauled out of town from the Streeter Housing and Streeter Suites Property. Streeter Housing did not request this to be done and feels they should not have to pay for the snow removal. Audrey will pay for the Streeter Housing portion out of the Streeter Suites and Apartments account.
Larry with Bartlett & West presented the plans and specs for the water tower project. We will be waiting on DEQ's approval prior to putting the project out for bids. Kaye will be checking on the asbestos inspection required by the CDBG grant to see if it has been done. The amendment to the contract was reviewed and signed. Tank color and logo were discussed and options will be reviewed.
Discussion was held regarding Stutsman Rural Water. State funding will be changing and not as readily available. A decision was made to hold off at this time due to multiple projects taking place.
Park: Discussion was held regarding when mowing can take place at the park. A decision will be made on this at the June 23rd meeting.
Motion to approve the agenda by Bryan, seconded by Doug.
May 5th regular and May 14th special meeting minutes were read and approved by Bryan, seconded by Doug.
Water Report: Discussion was held regarding several meters that need to be installed. Ryan will order 6 meters and call to get estimates for a plumber to install the necessary shut off valves required for installation. Maquire Iron came and cleaned the water tower per our contract. There was a motion to accept the report by Audrey, seconded by Doug.
City Work Report: Ryan will be ordering a fence to be put up by the Gazebo. Discussion was held regarding mowing an area in question by the tennis courts. Ryan will mow the area moving forward.
Water, Sewer, Garbage, Lagoon Report: AR aging summary - There was one letter sent out for delinquent water payments. One delinquent account will be turned off. Discussion was held regarding several residents who have two garbage totes but are only paying for one. On occasion both totes have been put out for garbage to be picked up. They will be billed for having two totes moving forward.
Streeter Suites & Apartments: Audrey gave the report for May. Everything is going well. Apartment # 3 is available to rent. Doug made a motion to accept the report, seconded by Bryan.
Audrey made a motion to accept the bills, seconded by Doug.
FEMA has approved the request for funding in the amount of $16,815.65 for the slough pumping during the fall disaster. A payment was received for 75% Federal reimbursement - $12,611.74 and 10% State reimbursement - $1,681.57. The local cost share is 15% - $2,522.34. Additional funding has been requested for the sewer/lagoon pumping in the amount of $35,399.94. This is still pending with FEMA.
City cleanup will be scheduled for August 8th.
The event board has been put up and wired for lighting. Thank you to Trent & Peggy Dockter for donating it in memory of Eddie Dockter.
Junk vehicles, junk accumulation, weeds, trees and debris are a problem in city limits. The ordinance has been reviewed and will be revised at the next council meeting. State programs will be checked into for vehicle pickup options. Letters will be sent to several residents asking them to clean up debris from their property.
A reminder to please complete your 2020 Census as your response makes a difference in tax money for the City and State. Your response is extremely important. If you need help filling out your Census, call Kaye Schulz - City Auditor and I will gladly help you.
The council would like to thank Audrey Ruff and Deb Zimmerman for planting flowers around town and also thank Tim Dewald for donating time and equipment to help clean the streets.
Audrey received estimates to put siding on the City garage. Bryan made a motion to move forward with the project, seconded by Doug.
The bond of the City Auditor has been set at $203,545.00. Motion by Bryan, seconded by Lloyd.
There will be a special meeting on June 23rd, 2020 for the following: Organizational Meeting - Oath of Office - Approve Beer/Liquor License - Water Tower - Sewer - Weed, Trash, Junk Ordinance - Park
The next City Council Meeting will be July 7th, 2020 @ 5:30.
Doug made a motion to adjourn, seconded by Lloyd. Motion carried.
Kaye Schulz - City Auditor Jeff Williams - Mayor
(June 13, 2020) 2843694