The meeting was called to order by Mayor

The meeting was called to order by Mayor Wick with all board members present. Also present were Barry Threadgold, Daven Dockter and Liza Wick. The minutes and treasure’s report were given and accepted as read. Old Business, the fence at the dump ground still needs wire and posts, John Buskness and Darren Martin will take care of this. New locks were discussed for the old firehall, the park sign on the north side is also broken. Martin and Buskness will pick up new padlocks and treated poles for all the repairs. Threadgold and Dockter presented the lease agreement for the use of the old fire hall to the board. Discussion followed and Rebecca Kuruc made a motion to accept the lease and John Buskness seconded. The motion carried. Liza Hoffmann has been hired as the new auditor at an April 27th special meeting. Other discussions include cleaning up gravel on the grass before mowing season starts. The flowerpots need to be moved out of the shop and placed on the street corners. Candyce Wick has purchased flowers for the pots. The new picnic tables need to be assembled and if possible before Memorial Day. Darren Martin motioned to approve a community cleanup day with Strom Sanitation. Sharon Snyder seconded the motion. A date will be set later. A motion was made by John Buskness to install a culvert by the MCP Properties LLC driveway. Rebecca Kuruc seconded the motion. A motion was made by Rebecca Kuruc to cash out the CD held at the Bremer Bank and deposit the proceeds in the general fund. John Buskness seconded the motion. The CD is up for renewal May 11th. A motion was made to accept the 2024 budget by Sharon Snyder and seconded by Darren Martin. The motion was approved. The bills were presented and motioned for approval by John Buskness and seconded by Darren Martin. The motion carried. Candyce Wick adjourned the meeting. Linda Clark Auditor (May 17, 2023) 223851