The meeting was called to order by Mayor

The meeting was called to order by Mayor Wick, all members were present with Buskness arriving late. Oscar Hust was also present. The minutes and treasurer’s reports were given and accepted as read. At this time the board addressed Hust about his concerns about the water billing. He felt everyone should be billed and it was explained that only housing that are on the system with rural water are billed. Another issue is residents watering their gardens from water hydrants. This is an issue the council will address before spring and watering gardens starts. Candyce thanked Oscar for bringing his concerns to the attention of the board. Keeping the snow away from fire hydrants rests on the shoulders of the closest residential house. Please keep the hydrants free from snow. Candyce has not heard from Abby at the Ryan Law office. The ARPA application has been accepted. Candyce subscribed to the grant finder in hopes of finding suitable grants for Woodworth. Delinquent water bills were addressed. Woodworth used 1,507,000 gallons of water in 2021. The Garrison Diversion grant is due by March 1st. Bills were read and motioned to be accepted by Buskness and seconded by Snyder. Wick adjourned the meeting Linda Clark, Auditor (Feb. 26, 2022) 36240