The meeting was called to order by mayor

The meeting was called to order by mayor Wick with all members present. The minutes were read and the treasurer’s report given. Both reports were approved as read. The Garrision Diversion grant was submitted and we will wait for approval. The Ryan Law firm has not gotten back to Candyce. The yield sign at the corner of 1st avenue and 2nd street will be erected using the google map from the county road. It will not be surveyed. A motion was made by Darren Martin and seconded by Rebecca Kuruc to install a culvert on 3rd street. This was discussed last year and theboard approved moving ahead with the plan. John Buskness will contact Brehdal to install it this spring. There was a complaint about garbage blowing around on the west side of town. A lengthy discussion was held on metered and unmetered water meters and unpaid water bills. Going forward the plan will be all houses will have working meters.It was suggested the residents will be given the meter and it will be their responsibility to install and give the city a correct meter reading each month. If they hesitate to do so, the minimum water charge will be raised substantially. John Buskness made a motion and Rebecca Kuruc seconded that the unpaid bills will have a boot put on the curbstop and to have it taken off will cost $100. Any unpaid water bills left unpaid will be turned over to collection by Stutsman County and they should be aware that the county charges interest. The board feels that people are taking advantage of the board’s leniency and they will be tougher in the future. The board feels that everyone should pay fairly. At present, there are 4 houses with their water shut off. The next regular meeting will be held on Wednesday, April 13th at 6:00 in the back room of Tito’s Tavern in conjunction with the Tax Equalization meeting. John Buskness made a motion and Sharon Snyder seconded that the city forward a check for $50 to the Steele Ozone for Highway 36 rummage sale for flyers advertising the event. The motion carried. John Buskness made a motion and Rebecca Kuruc seconded to pay all the bills. The meeting was adjourned Linda Clark, auditor (March 26, 2022) 44985