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Letter to the editor: Sanders campaign is true social revolution

I observe what is happening in our world and it takes my breath away. Depression. Anxiety. Obesity. Crushing college and health care debt. Income inequality. Mass shootings. Human trafficking. Oil spills. Super PACs. Trans-Pacific Partnership. Government surveillance. Corporate greed. Wall Street corruption. Terrorism. Global warming. The list is long and pervades all systems. Is it possible there is a core reason for our society’s afflictions?

The Latin word “caput” means “head,” and is the root of the word “capitalism.” America has been so successful at capitalism and that success has gone to our head. This has come back to bite us, because the head is the factory of fear. So high above the ground on which it stands, the head will always be afraid of the fall.

For the good of all, wiser to invest our success in our heart, the garden of compassion. The time is now to stop the fear in our head from consuming the compassion in our heart. Let us stop forsaking the wisdom of love for the rationality of fear. Fear tears us apart, into isolated individuals, while compassion brings us together as one community. Separate we will fall, together we will rise.

We need real leadership in this time of transition from our head to our heart. This leadership has arrived and is awaiting your call. This leadership is the principled judgment and consistent courage demonstrated over the lifetime of public service of Bernie Sanders. The Sanders campaign is a true social revolution. And the call of this revolution is love.