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Satrom breaks mold of typical politician

Bernie Satrom has been a business leader and innovator in Jamestown for 35 years. He is a proven leader with exemplary character, work ethic and integrity. He has a heart that desires unity, not division. He wants to build up, not tear down. Satrom doesn't care about being politically correct; instead, he cares about doing what is right.

Satrom breaks the mold of a typical politician; he is a proud American citizen who has a deep love for Jamestown, North Dakota and our country as a whole. It's that love of community and country that drives him to give back to the people he cares so deeply about. I know he will work tirelessly for the people he will represent.

Plain and simple, Satrom is a good, honest man who is not afraid to roll up his sleeves and work hard to get things done, and it is my honor and privilege to cast my vote for Satrom in the upcoming election.