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Letter to the editor: Heitkamp was part of the conversation with president

In politics we too often see people divided by their ideologies, and of course that’s going to happen. But our representatives have a job to do, and they don’t get to choose their co-workers, the voters do. That’s why we need leaders who are willing to work together to find common ground.

When it comes to Sen. Heidi Heitkamp, it’s her job to represent our state and everyone in it. You have to dance with the one that brung you. She could refuse to work across the aisle, like so many politicians, but that would come at the cost of accomplishing anything positive.

Good governance means being in the room. It also means being on the stage or on the plane (as Heitkamp was when President Trump visited North Dakota). Rather than putting herself on the bench, Heitkamp chose to participate in the conversation, and I think that’s the right choice for North Dakota. I’d like to see more of that from politicians on both sides of the aisle. Less partisanship. More leadership. If the president spends time talking to Heitkamp, who knows? Even he might learn a thing or two about how we get things done in North Dakota.