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Letter to the editor: Pates’ column disappointing

Regarding the recent article, Will Kulm, N.D., school host a cult? Posse comitatus or Neo-Nazi.

I did not get that paper till the next day. It was a surprise and shock to me and others here. It was a disappointment to say the least.

If I could print the truth about it, your paper couldn’t hold it all, and would it be a shock!

I wish to say this, Mikkel Pates should take back his remarks about Inez Leppert. The whole paragraph is not the truth. That is not fair to Inez.

Roger Leppert wrote a small article and had it printed in the two local papers.

His remark was, “How can another man steal the love and affection of another man’s children, as did Gordon Winrod,” though he did not mention his name.

How can truth prevail? What is going on and why? Read Matthew 10.