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Proposed hog operation not good for ND

A factory hog operation has been proposed less than 1 mile from the Devils Lake shore. Yearly, this facility would house over 100,000 pigs and produce over 3.5 million gallons of waste! Langdon, and many other communities already receive or are slated to receive water from the Spiritwood Aquifer that runs under the hog barn and manure dump sites. In many areas, the aquifer is so shallow that the water sits just below the surface.

I want to voice my opposition to this hog operation. The plans of Grand Prairie Agriculture LLP and Pipestone Systems will have devastating consequences for Devils Lake. Many of the barn and dump site areas are surrounded by or bordered by Devils Lake, slope right into the water and have previously been under water when Devils Lake flooded. The proposed hog operation sits on land that drains directly into one of the nation’s greatest recreational areas. The tourism industry will be devastated!

Gov. Doug Burgum says he supports this project. He says Iowa has it figured out. What he doesn’t tell you is that Iowa has 470 rivers that are too polluted for swimming and recent record levels of nitrate pollution threaten drinking water for 500,000 people relying on wells. He doesn’t tell you that Iowa is ranked 49th nationally in water quality.

This will affect you! Don’t stand idle and think someone else will stop this. Pipestone and their “local owners” are trying to bully their way into our state and once they have a foothold, there will be no stopping them. Look at the devastation of Iowa, South Dakota, Minnesota, North Carolina, Illinois and Wisconsin. Call and write our local, state and federal leaders. Now is the time. Later will be too late.