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Letter to the editor: Jamestown made more strides in 2017

The year 2017 should be one Jamestown will remember as our great city saw several projects that will improve the quality of life for decades.

The Arts Park finished construction and opened with a great weekend showcase. Our downtown is becoming active because of the Arts Center and business investments.

Two Rivers Activity Center opened, adding numerous recreational activities and amenities to our region. A sidewalk and biking path now connect part of that neighborhood. The city installed speed bumps to help slow traffic and bring awareness to pedestrians.

The Harold Newman Arena shines for the University of Jamestown inviting more students to our community in an environment like no other. UJ saw new degree programs, sports and more students this year.

We’ve seen businesses expand and Dunham’s open its doors. Jamestown Regional Medical Center continues to add specialties to our regions like ENT and OB/GYN. The road between JRMC and Menards should finally connect our city and create exciting opportunities for growth.

There are several leadership changes ongoing as the city and county need to fill their top leadership positions. The University of Jamestown is undergoing leadership changes and South Central Dakota Regional Council has new a leader.

Jamestown made great strides as a community, unseen since the 1970s. Leadership changes can steer our great area for decades. Jamestown and Stutsman County have the opportunity for more growth. It’s time our city gets serious about a vision for growth and recruiting people to live here. Our growth won’t be dependent on oil or state funds, growth will happen if local leaders step up and create and seize opportunities with unique solutions. It is great to see our city become more vibrant and improve the quality of life for decades to come.