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Letter to the editor: Removing exit would be a mistake

In the Jan. 11 issue of The Jamestown Sun, Dwaine Heinrich had a well-written letter pertaining to exit 257, Interstate 94, at Jamestown.

I would also like to address the issue pertaining this area. Removing exit 257 would be a mistake by hurting businesses along the north frontage road, 17th Street Southwest, and also the residents who live in the southwest area of town coming into Jamestown. It’s another path to quickly get to the airport. By eliminating exit 257, all eastbound traffic wishing to head north would need to exit at 258 and a traffic light will not eliminate the serious backup problem at this location.

Let’s also talk about exit 256, about merging onto I-94, when a motorist is westbound coming from 17th Street Southwest. This is an accident waiting to happen! The motorist merges onto 1-94 at 45 mph, a truck is traveling at 60 to 70 mph and being passed by another vehicle, thus preventing the truck from moving into the passing lane, thus a sideswipe occurs. I have also seen this maneuver where the truck wishes to exit on 256 onto the bypass while the motorist is also merging onto I-94. Sometimes both may want to exit at 256 or one may want to cross the path of the other. Yes, the merging motorist needs to yield, however, the merging motorist does not immediately know the truck’s intention. I have seen this happen multiple times as I drive this route daily, sometimes several times a day. The interstate highway should be widened to an “exit lane only” from 17th Street Southwest to exit 256.