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Letter to the editor: Cramer disrespects ND taxpayers

As a veteran who served this country in Iraq as part of the longest National Guard deployment in history, I’ve always been proud of North Dakota’s strong military roots, traditions and respect for the families of service members who sacrificed it all for our safety and security. But after Rep. Kevin Cramer filmed a campaign ad in the North Dakota Veterans Cemetery in 2014 - without asking permission from the cemetery, the VA or the families - I was disappointed. I joined other members in the National Guard in writing to Cramer asking him to take down the ad, which is strictly against Department of Veterans Affairs rules. But instead of showing us and the service members laid to rest in that cemetery the respect we deserved, he kept his ad online for the course of the campaign - calling the ad a ‘beautiful’ thing. Cramer didn’t care then whose rules he was breaking that he had disrespected veterans, and doesn’t care now.

Today, it’s not just veterans he’s disregarding. It’s North Dakota taxpayers as he took to Twitter to brag about how great his polling numbers are But he didn’t do it with donor dollars. He did it under the seal of Congress with our money. Just like in 2014 when Cramer ignored rules and the concerns of the veterans he is supposed to represent. No one in this country is above the rules - but by continuing to break the rules no matter who gets offended - without apology, without removing offensive or illegal campaign content, it goes to show that he is in this for himself and no one else.