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Letter to the editor: Keep the momentum growing

Last January, I joined hundreds of women and men in Bismarck who participated in the Women’s March to advocate for equal rights. The event resonated with me and it inspired me. Last weekend, I joined hundreds again in Bismarck and Fargo to commemorate the anniversary of this important day in women’s history, celebrate the strides we’ve made and make plans to grow even stronger in 2018.

Backlash to the Trump-Pence administration has sparked a movement, both here in North Dakota and nationally. Women, people of color, the LGBTQ community and more are coming together. Planned Parenthood is seeing record numbers of people attend its events and sign up to volunteer. Over the last several months, Planned Parenthood has gained more than 250,000 new volunteers and more than 1 million new supporters including folks right here in North Dakota.

I’m proud to say I’m one of those Planned Parenthood volunteers fighting for my belief that freedom and full equality cannot be achieved until everyone has control over their lives at the most basic level.