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Letter to the editor: Hoeven hiding from constituents

Why has Sen. John Hoeven been hiding from his constituents? I was checking his website for any upcoming events on Dec. 30 and was disappointed to see he didn’t have any future events, the most recent one having been on Nov. 22. However, a few days later on Jan. 3, I rechecked it and there were three new past events, two in December and one the previous day on Jan. 2.

Hoeven has gone to great lengths to not meet with his constituents and is even making it seem as if he is announcing his meetings beforehand when he is not. I have read numerous letters written to the editor throughout the last few months that have asked Hoeven to have a town hall. Why is he refusing to do so?

These so-called “public events” are rarely announced beforehand, so it’s impossible to know where the senator will be during congressional recesses. He is actively avoiding those who voted him into office, which makes me wonder why he wanted to represent us in the first place.