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Letter to the editor: Parties compromised to get bill passed

Ross Torgerson’s informative article in the Feb. 2 Sun, “Why are gas prices on the rise?” (page 9) might have unintentionally left an inaccurate impression of who might be responsible in part for this rise. In the last paragraph, Torgerson wrote, “In 2016, the Obama administration, as part of the 2016 spending bill, included a provision that allowed the export of U.S. crude for the first time in more than 40 years.” This was a provision that Democrats were against, but Republicans insisted it should be in the spending bill, and they used the threat of a year-end government shutdown as leverage for getting the bill passed with this provision included. President Barack Obama signed it as a compromise bill.

The Democrats, too, had influence on this compromise bill. The Republicans dropped their demands for defunding Planned Parenthood, blocking Syrian refugees and rolling back gun rules. As written, the article leaves the impression the provision for lifting of the oil export ban in that spending bill might have had the backing of Obama.

This was simply another case of a president and two parties of Congress forging out a compromise.