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Letter to the editor: Traditional Americans, enjoy the Trump years

Many folks are wondering why liberal Democrats have gone insane since Donald Trump’s victory. The corrupt media, which failed in its attempt to drag Hillary Clinton’s carcass across the finish line in November of 2016, continues to relinquish what few scraps of integrity it had left by savagely attacking Trump on a daily basis. Angry feminists don silly hats and demonstrate, the same feminists, by the way, who loved Bill Clinton. Antifa rioters destroy things and assault middle-aged Trump supporters. A crazed Democrat guns down Republican congressmen at softball practice. Democrat politicians refuse to work with Trump, even on issues which are wildly popular with American voters. Millions of our tax dollars have been wasted on a scam investigation into the so-called “collusion” between Trump and those evil Russians. So what’s going on here?

The truth is, Democrats never expected to lose another national election. And it’s no coincidence. The Dems, led by Ted Kennedy, have been working on this project since 1965, when they and the clueless Republicans revamped our immigration system. Suddenly, white Europeans were persona non grata, or unwelcome, replaced by people of color from Third World countries … Democrat voters, if we can be honest. These politicians took the most advanced nation in the world with a population of about 200 million and added about 100 million Third Worlders to it. And if that’s not enough Democrat voters for you, consider the 30 or so million illegal aliens currently residing in the country. If you buy the 11 million number the government’s been throwing out for decades, your gullibility level is off the charts. It’s more like 30 million. But they can’t vote, you say. Yeah, right. How many of those illegals live in districts where Democrat politicians and judges have managed to block or overturn voter ID laws? Fact is, after importing millions of Democrat voters over the last five decades, Hillary and company thought they had it in the bag. And many Dems are so bitter they can’t bring themselves to muster up even a modicum of civility. And now, they’re at it again, this time with an attempt to legalize the illegal aliens they glowingly refer to as “dreamers.” By the time a million dreamers bring their extended families over here, we’ll be looking at 8 or 10 million more Democrat voters. Bottom line? Traditional Americans, you’d better enjoy the Trump years.