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What You Think: Administration working to build its own swamp

It is tiring to watch Congress continue to offer temporary short-time budget extensions again and again. It is depressing to see these extensions become manipulations that hold the nation hostage to the obdurate demands of this GOP president.

Threats to hamper government and harm families or individuals in the hope of forcing acceptance of Donald Trump’s monument wall are a sad scandal. It does not seem this violation to governmental service will ever end in the current administration. It seems more that this administration is working to build its own swamp.

Is this the idea of the “new normal?” Has anyone, regardless of wealth, celebrity or official position, any right to decide how many citizens must die before extending assistance that is desperately needed in the wake of natural disaster? The tax dollars of all citizens are meant for needed services and not for costly, unnecessary monuments.

Can we as citizens destroy lives and national dignity by allowing cruel punishment of innocents through heartless deportations? Is this administration and its followers willing to abandon decency?

The most obsequious of Republican officials and cabinet members appear willing to declare selective hearing loss when it comes to the obvious obscene remarks of their president. Is Sarah Huckabee Sanders trying her best to obfuscate the truth in her press remarks?

Of course there are still many GOP members of Congress and Senate who strive daily to serve honorably. Their most responsible efforts must be frustrating in the presence of others in their party who appear willing to abandon decency and responsibility.