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Letter to the editor: Partnership supports changes to downtown lanes


The Community Health Partnership supports the city of Jamestown in its effort to decrease the number of driving lanes in downtown Jamestown. The proposed changes align with the Community Health Partnership’s mission to make Jamestown the healthiest place to live, learn, work and play.

The community health partners have been actively seeking ways to increase safer biking and walking opportunities throughout Jamestown. One of the recent initiatives included placing signs to direct the public to walking areas that intersect with the Talking Trail in downtown Jamestown. Developing transportation alternatives like those allowed by the Urban Road Grant make it easier and safer for citizens to choose biking or walking as a healthier choice and the Community Health Partnership supports healthy community change.

The Community Health Partnership is in the process of surveying the community about what matters when it comes to a healthy community. The survey is available online or by paper and we encourage citizens to complete the survey to help with our efforts to improve health. The survey will provide another tool for the Community Health Partnership to learn what the community needs to make healthy choices. To participate in the survey, please call Central Valley Health District at 252-8130.

Iszler is vice chairperson of the Community Health Partnership and administrator of Central Valley Health District. This letter was also signed by 10 other individuals representing agencies that are part of the Community Health Partnership.