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Letter to the editor: Recruiting shouldn’t happen in ND schools

What is happening to basketball in North Dakota? A few years ago there was chatter about parochial schools recruiting athletes and giving them free tuition. If you saw the latest Class B poll, several parochial schools are ranked again. I am not against parochial schools as I attended one. The difference is I attended for religious reasons. We had a basketball team but were not allowed to be in state tournaments.

What seems to be even worse is our big city schools are doing the same thing. City lines are drawn as to which schools you are to attend, but with a visit to the school board and open enrollment, students are flocking to certain schools because of sports. Do you think the coaches are recruiting? I certainly do. Where does that leave the smaller cities with only one high school? To be honest, Jamestown Public School has done the same thing in the past, recruiting from some Class B schools. Some parents move to a different school district or get an apartment in order to be in the “right” school, but only for sports. I don’t understand why parents whose children are unable to play due to recruitment put up with this. Maybe they have tried, school boards and coaches are very powerful.

Shame on these coaches. They are supposed to be role models. Shame on the parents. What are you teaching your children?

I feel the North Dakota athletic board needs to put a stop to this recruiting. My suggestion is when lines are drawn, that is where you stay throughout your school years. This includes grade school, middle school and high school. Wouldn’t it be nice if students transferred for academics?